I am literally, absolutely, FURIOUS with myself this evening. I can forgive complete stupidity in other people, my eyes go wide, they glaze over and I feel genuinely sorry for them but in myself? Stupidity is the lowest form of treachery. I cannot believe how particularly thick I have been today. If something upsetting is likely to dawn on you at an inconvenient moment I do hope it isn't in the middle of a date with a guy I would happily describe as 'ARGHHHHHH!' Life is never very kind to me.

That is not true. Life is very kind to me but right now as I throw a wobbly I would only not liken to a three year old's tantrum but I would say this is worse because this is SERIOUS I don't feel asthough life is very kind at all.

I am not very forgiving of myself when I get myself into a something that is so bloody obvious to understand when you look at it properly and I never really did. I managed to find myself a guy who wanted to be in a relationship, not only that, he seemed to be considering being in a relationship with me. Well 'Way hey!' I hear you say. 'Well done you, get to it girlfriend' or whatever. - Do you really talk like that?

Only thing is, no. Lovely guy in question wants a bloody relationship, don't you find that odd? Have I not been telling you for weeks how hard it is to find? Have I not moaned on and on daily about men and how they are only interested in themselves. Here's me stumbled across a guy that wants to share his life with someone. Doesn't it seem a bit too good to be true?

Look, I know, you have probably worked this out already and it's me who has been the stupid one but lovely blokey travels around for a living, he only plans being up here 6 weeks in a year and short of having a relationship he actually wants a port of call to see his friends up here so he can stop paying £400 a month rent on his flat.

You know when you get so cross at yourself you are nearly in tears? That is me right now. Luckily I managed to get home before I burst. I will go and calm down.

Thank God I had him sussed out before things got too serious. My grandma says to me 'Your problem is you won't put up with owt.' -She does talk like that and I do too lol.

She is right. I won't put up with being expected to go out with a ghost on the telephone, I won't put up with a small problem of completely having different views on life, I won't put up with druggies, alcholics, wife beaters, sex pests, idiots, multi billionaires who expect you to sign a contract of bondage preferences - the list is endless!

I am sooooo mad at myself this evening. I am going to go and have a lie down. I was soooo close and yet, he would be so far away :(

&$*%(^£U" (insert swear word here)
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Published on June 29, 2012 08:55
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message 1: by Sandi (new)

Sandi Tuttle Ewwwww. The guy sounds like a loser. Don't Grrrr this one, unless you Grrrr at him!

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Thomas He's lovely. He just made a business decision I think :( We are in discussions, I guess I shall have to make somekind of take over bid. Life is just not simple is it? x

message 3: by Sandi (new)

Sandi Tuttle OK. So he is lovely. 6 weeks a year isn't a relationship. I'm being 'momish' here...

message 4: by Laura (new)

Laura About that multi billinaire guy.......I think you will find he's mine :-) x

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Thomas Sandi wrote: "OK. So he is lovely. 6 weeks a year isn't a relationship. I'm being 'momish' here..."

Well thank you! I agree with you. I will give him a chance to see what the discssion brings but don't worry I'm wary! x

message 6: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Thomas Laura wrote: "About that multi billinaire guy.......I think you will find he's mine :-) x"

I know, I know! If he was to approach me with a contract he'd get a boot out of the door though. Not that he has... x

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