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As another step in celebrating the release of Robert McCammon’s newest Matthew Corbett historical thriller, The Providence Rider (SubPress|Amazon|, we’ve put the ebook of his demon spawn first novel, Baal, on sale for only $2.99. You can pick it up from the usual suspects (Amazon| It looks as though Kobo is trailing behind in resetting the price, but I’m sure they’ll catch up soon.

Jumping back to The Providence Rider again, it’s now racked up 15 five star Amazon reviews, with no dissenters. We’re inordinately pleased at the response it’s received from reviewers and readers alike. This (literal, though eventually resolved) cliffhanger of a novel is the perfect place to join Matthew’s deadly game of chess with Professor Fell, the self-styled “Emperor of Crime”.

Finally, while he was in our offices inscribing copies of his new novel, Rick also set his hand to the signature pages for our upcoming signed, limited edition of his classic novel, Bethany’s Sin, which is right on schedule for release this fall.


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