Those of you who read my blog are either here because you typed in “Lucky Charms Porn” or because you sort of, in your own odd way, get my sense of humor.  So does the guy I stalk named Kenny Dill who wrote a short story illustrated by none other than Vincent Van Gogh.  The book is tasteful, beautifully narrated and will bring a tear to your eye.  butterflying hilarious.  It’s called Get a F*cking Job and it’s available for FREE RIGHT HERE!

Even if you have a job or hate cussing or don’t care for giraffes, get the book anyway.  It’s free.  It also doesn’t cost anything.  Nor do you have to shell out any money for it.  You can also get it for the same price I paid to see Nickelback in concert–NOTHING!

I’m most excited about his next short story, Don’t Be a Whore.

And for those of you who are here because of the Lucky Charms Porn, I hear there’s lots of Lucky Charms Porn in this book. 

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Published on June 09, 2012 00:42 • 480 views

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