Sorry, but it took awhile to exorcise the ugly virus that had infected this website. But everything’s fine and we’re still here. This site and Pomegranate Press are both up and running. Thanks for your patience.

While we were away, Kathryn hosted a very successful Goodreads Author Q&A. Please check it out. Even though the chat has ended, the topics are still up and might be of interest to you. Also, Kathryn held her first Twitter Party! The questions were flying fast and furious, and maybe some weren’t answered (sorry!), but we’ll definitely do another one in the future. You can follow the conversation using #DSParty. Lastly, there was a mini-Dark Shadows reunion with Kathryn, Lara Parker and Jim Pierson of Dan Curtis Productions. Unfortunately Marie Wallace had to cancel at the last minute due to a family emergency. We were all interviewed on Moebanshee Lair’s Visionary Radio. Go here to download the podcast and have a listen.

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Published on June 07, 2012 08:18 • 60 views
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Anne Kathryn, so glad your website is back up and running! I ordered a book from Pomegranate Press and it came today!!
I wanted to thank you for doing the Author Q&A on GoodReads!! It was one of the best and liveliest we've ever had!!! Thanks for answering so many many questions and comments!! We kept replying to each other and inserting questions to you inside our replies; I realize now that made it hard on you to find all the questions but thank you!!! Dark Shadows always enjoys a good forum with knowledgeable fans and "newbies" with great questions!! And your books are the ultimate for any DS fan!! Your latest has been one of your all-time best!!!

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