I'm back from Oregon! 

Already missing the other authors from the event at Klindts' Bookstore in The Dalles. 

Quick story:

My mom, Bree Despain and I were traveling together, and we arrived to the airport in Portland about an hour before we needed to. So we decided to grab some lunch. 

Gluten-Free baked potato and chili. We were sitting at this table in the middle of the terminal, when this woman and her friend walked by. The woman was talking loudly.

Woman (to her friend): "I just can't believe it. She's my age, and she was just diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer..."

If you don't know my family's history with Pancreatic Cancer, you can click here

The three of us kind of froze. My mom said, "I wish I could go give her a hug, and tell her she's not alone."

Well, I don't know if it was just how sweet she said it, or how tender I've been lately, but a couple of tears escaped my eyes. 

Bree Despain suffers from an affliction known as "Sympathetic Cryer Syndrome" which means if she sees someone she cares about cry, she will cry too. Even if she sees me with allergies, she'll melt. Even if I have something stuck in my eye... You get the picture. 

So, Bree started to cry too. 

It struck me funny that to the outside eye, it looked like this little table of women just spontaneously broke into tears over their Wendy's lunches, without any visible inciting factor. 

I looked down at my chili potato and said, "I can't help crying. This chili is just so good."

Apparently I said it loud enough that a nearby janitor heard me. She came up to our table, leaned in conspiratorially, and said, "They make the chili on site. I hear them pounding the meat, and then adding the beans every single day." She looked at our tear-streaked faces, and solemnly continued. "I know. It's good."

So, somewhere in Portland, there is a kind woman who thinks that a table of women were so impressed with Wendy's Chili that it brought spontaneous tears to their eyes. [image error]
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