Me *cough* writing today... Okay, so I am TOTALLY distracted by summer.

You may not think it's summer yet, but my regular (daily) open water season has started, my pool is open and (as of Saturday) will be swimmable, and the weather has been in the 80's.

See? Summer.

That's what I'm saying.

I don't care what the date says.

Or that I have a gazillion other, non-summery things to do.

I'm not a total slacker in the writing department, if I am a bit schizophrenic.

My writing spot today...
I was working on that new thing (that I was posting bits of here), but I am meeting my new editor in person next week (!!!) and panicked that I should probably be focused on all things Frankie Sky, so went back to my revisions on that.

I'll post a little "Frankie" for Friday Feedback this week and open the floor (or comments as the case may be) to you all just posting whatever you want - since I'm clearly scattered and brain-vacationing this week.

Before I do, here are two pieces of news:

Adorable Kate who is a force to be reckoned with
in MG writingThe first: For those of you who haven't seen me tweeting and/or facebooking this, starting NEXT WEEK, Friday Feedback will be an integral part of a very cool project for teachers -- a Virtual Summer Writing Camp -- being run by uber-awesome Picture Book, Chapter Book and Middle grade author Kate Messner (Over and Under the Snow, Sugar and Ice, etc...),

I will be collaborating with Kate along with amazing teacher and blogger (Teach Mentor Texts) Jen Vincent, who you may remember from HERE.

So hopefully, on Fridays during the summer, you'll find LOTS of posting action here, and I'd love you to chime in, following the basic Friday Feedback Rules: Post no more than 3 - 5 paragraphs (3 if long, 5 if short) and we will tell you:

• Does the piece "hook" you and make you want to keep reading? • What works for you, and why?

• What doesn’t work for you (if something doesn't) and why?

The second bit of news: I've seen a sneak peek at the THE PULL OF GRAVITY paperback cover! It's different and it's pretty awesome. It's too soon to post it -- plus, they're still tweaking some stuff -- but I really like it and it's making me pretty excited! I'll bring you a glimpse when I can.

Anyway, scattered or not, it is FRIDAY FEEDBACK, so get your excerpts out, and go ahead and tell me what you think of this little bit from Frankie, Chapter 5:

My hand moves reflexively to my throat, to my half of our shared heart pendant, but, of course, it’s not there. At the start of high school we agreed they were babyish, and not to wear them anymore.  
Still, the empty spot makes me nostalgic for the way things used to be.
Like this one time at Lisette’s house. We’re like 13 and it’s a long weekend, and I’m sleeping over a second night in a row. So, it almost feels like I live there. I remember this – how I keep thinking, I can pretend I live here, and I’m a Sutter now, not a Schnell. I have two older brothers who love me, and not a baby brother who has drowned.
Anyway, for most  of the day we’ve been playing this really dumb game we love even if we’re probably too old to still be playing it. The game is that we’re grown-up and married, and we have jobs and make-believe husbands. When we’re done with work, we come home and cook and clean for them and pretend talk to them the phone. We even pretend to make out with them, and, once, Lisette even pretended to have sex. I didn’t pretend out in the open, but I did in my head, which was exciting, even if I wasn’t brave enough to act it out like ‘Zette was. - gae

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