Oh hey, it’s Tuesday again! Here’s one of my favorite scenes from my upcoming debut novel, Feast Island. Hope you enjoy!

Horror-movie-like screams broke through the remnants of my dream and the morning silence in our hut. I barely had time to feel groggy. “What the he…” I began to say with obvious annoyance. I felt nowhere near well-rested and my stomach was growling because it was completely empty. However, my question was abruptly choked with screams as well.  Scrambling backwards on all fours until I hit a wall turned out to be quite a difficult task. Heather was stationed on the opposite side of the hut, trying to get the corner to swallow her. She was in an upright fetal position. Keira’s body remained motionless on her floor mat with the exception of her mouth moving to allow the shrieks to escape.

In the center of her chest, a very large, rainbow-colored spider crawled slowly, feeling its way around, ignorant of her deafening noises. Tears were streaming down her face and she finally articulated, “Get it off me, get it off me!” The spider happened to be so large that I could count all ten of its legs—yes, ten. It looked more gruesome than anything I had had to cut out of insect catalogs for those silly science collage projects in elementary school. I guessed all the colors it had were cool—kinda like being thrown in a skittles bag or something—but I wasn’t about to pick it up and make it my new pet. Its eyes were unusually large for a spider and a haunting look of intelligence danced in its pupils. Being irrationally and deathly afraid of most, if not all, bugs myself, I became paralyzed while observing the terrifying sight. Though still angry with Keira from all the events of the prior night, I didn’t want her to receive a potentially poisonous spider bite and become ill or face death on this cursed island. The giant arachnid raised its body high on all ten legs so that it became teepee shaped. Once it was in that position, it was the size of a small octopus. Then I heard a wet, cracking sound and began to tremble when I saw sharp, white…somethings…slowly lower from its underside. This creature had to have been some kind of sick, mutant, hybrid spider that enjoyed screaming victims to sink sharp appendages into. I was internally arguing with my fears to grapple the nerve to move from my spot and help her, but thankfully, the door flung open at the very minute I decided to help.

Gasping in surprise as our rescuer strode in, I couldn’t decide which I would rather have had in our hut at that moment: the ginormous rainbow spider getting ready to strike Keira or the man-sized rat mumbling unintelligibly to itself while kneeling down on one knee. In particular, neither was at the top of my list—or Keira’s for that matter. “Keira,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper, “Put your head down and don’t move a muscle.”

Spear in hand—well, paw-like-hand—the large rat bent lower, nimbly drew back his throwing arm and released the weapon with a quick flick of the wrist. The sharp point went right through the body of the spider, pinning it to the wall behind Keira’s head. Rainbow-colored guts were spewing out from the body as the spider wriggled for a bit and then went stiff. I looked at Keira’s face and there was rainbow gunk all over her face and hair. I think she was crying.  The shock of it all caused her to pass out and the loud noises in the hut significantly decreased. More the better. Heather only whimpered with eyes so wide that she looked like a bug herself. I chose to remain still and not make any sudden movements lest the giant rat decided to attack us. He popped his head back in, his nose busy with the task of sniffing deeply. He wore a short grass skirt and held a spear in his left hand—I mean, paw…paw-hand. Suddenly things were beginning to become connected for me. This rat looked exactly like the ones we had seen on the day before on the beach—human-like features included. As my brain processed all the events of the day before, including my crazy dream, I found myself more alert and awake in a short amount of time than ever before. This would be one morning where coffee would be a non-essential.


–>That spider picture makes me shudder every time I look at it. Ugh! Stay tuned for more news about Feast Island. I can’t wait until it’s ready to be shared with the world! Happy Tuesday =)

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