Remember that awesome contest I set up in March? Well, the e-book number’s are in, and I sold over 26,000 books! That means I am giving away a ton of my books to twenty-six lucky people. Using, I picked those lucky winners. Drum roll please . . .

Winners of one of my published books, their choice, are:

1. Kathy Whiting

2. Gina Edwards

3. Myranda Heilaman

4. Linda Womack

5. Christie Syphrit

6. Gail Shimokawa

7. Brittney Taylor

Winners of the first two books in the Summer Chronicles are:

1. Daniela Castri

2. Dawn Davis

3. Jannick Verleysen

4. Melissa Simmons

5. Mary Ann Woods

6. Kassiah Faul

7. Brandy Swain

Winners of the first three books in the Timeless Series are:

1. Carl Scott

2. Kimberly Maxwell

3. Elizabeth Kelly

4. Dawn Smith

5. Judith Duggan

6. Allyson Cox

Winners of all five of my currently published books are:

1. Barbara Madore

2. Traci Troutman

3. Danielle Shur

4. Kimberly Goins

Winners of all five of my currently published books (SIGNED and dedicated) are:

1. Emma Jones

2. Cynthia Wong

Congratulations, winners! I’ve already sent out emails to those who have won, but in case you have not received an email, please contact me as soon as possible.

For those of you who did not win, I am sorry. However, I appreciate you signing up and spreading the book love. I hope to do another contest similar to this one in the future and hope to make it past 30,000 books. Sadly, if the contest included May’s numbers in there too (so far, at least), I would be giving away Kindles and Nooks too. Alas, there is always next time! And yes, there WILL be a next time.
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