Last week I attended the Gloucester Writers’ Festival 2012 as a Guest Writer and I’m relieved to say that it went really, really well for me. I met some truly excellent writers – I swear, did me heart good: really nice people, great to talk to and full of good advice and support.

Standouts for me included: Author Lisa Heidke, a lovely person & genuine life-of-the-party. Aleesah Darlison (who had to get her pen out of her purse 5 times to write down leads for me re further speaking engagements on my book, a publishing lead re ABC Books plus similar). Festival key-note speaker Susanne Gervay OAM who really took me under her kind & supportive wing from the very first. Authors Michael Pryor and Stephen Measday were also just great to be with: Highly successful, excellent to talk with and both just very nice blokes.

My talk on my book, Nor the Years Condemn, was really well received, all the copies of the book SOLD, and I won 1st Prize in a competition at the end of the festival – Pitching your Book to Publishers. No new publishing deal from that as yet but we will See.

The weekend ended for me with a nice bloke from the ABC enthusing to me that my book should be a TV series, that he’s in personal contact with authors Peter Fitzsimons and Paul Hamm, and that he’ll be in touch. From my experience, one never knows what might eventuate from interactions like that, but, again, we will See.

I had a truly brilliant time signing copies of the book for people over the course of the weekend, talking to them about the true Australian history on which Nor the Years Condemn is based: So many people had family connections with it (grandfather a Spitfire pilot, great uncle in World War 2, a schoolkid massively into Australian history, things like that.) This was one of the best experiences for me of the festival – these really warm & enthusiastic conversations with tons of people re the stunning untold Australian Story which was my inspiration to write this book. (!)

Nor the Years Condemn is available as a Print-on-Demand Paperback at AMAZON with great reviews, also as an ebook at SMASHWORDS in all ebook formats plus at all major ebook websites. Click here for REVIEWS of Nor the Years Condemn.

My massive thanks to Lindy Dupree, Director of the Gloucester Writers’ Festival, for inviting me to this excellent event, also to all at the Festival, and to the authors and festival-goers whom it was my privilege to meet. — Justin Sheedy, May 2012.

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