What's my favorite scene in the book? It's not a hard question it was the night with Jimmy and Tom in Rex's Gremlin in Chapter 12, Going to Church. Why? Because it pricks my memory back to that night –it almost gives me a re-taste of the adrenalin. That night was the apex of insanity that circled the Crabtree case.

I'd be curious to hear from the readers as to what your favorite scene was and of course why it struck you.
Trafficking, A Memoir of an Undercover Game Warden
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Published on May 12, 2012 10:21 • 171 views • Tags: crime, poaching, trafficking, undercover, wildlife
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message 1: by awesomatik.de (new)

awesomatik.de Just finnished your book in one reading (Paperback). Great Case! A very interesting read for a city boy like me.
It gives good insight in the work of a game warden and shows how difficult it is to really get behind these wild life thieves.
I liked how it startet with minor criminal acts and kept on getting crazier and crazier.
The Crabtree felt like a location straight out of the TV show "Justified". I guess sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Also your dog Ben riding shotgun, was pretty cool!

Greetings from Berlin, Germany

message 2: by Tony (new)

Tony Latham Ken:

Thanks for the positive comments!

I'm currently trying my hand at fiction with about 15,000 words along on the first draft (Trafficking is 77,000). It's about a small town game warden (big surprise?) chasing an extra-bad guy. As of today, the title is "A Long Bloody Run." It's going to take considerable tweaking a work to turn it into a worthwhile read but I've enjoyed the challenge so far –much different writing than following my old case binder I used with Trafficking.

What do you do in Berlin?

message 3: by awesomatik.de (new)

awesomatik.de Great to hear. I'll read it when it's finished. The premise sounds good. I want to hear more about the job of a game warden.
Unfortunetly we don't have that kind of wildlife in Germany even though in the last year mooses and wolves are making a come back.
I studied Sport-Science and I am currently managing a sports & Education programm for Kids from bad neighborhoods here in Berlin. It also get's pretty wild sometimes :o) Enough to write a book about it!

message 4: by Tony (new)

Tony Latham It sounds like you do have the background for a book. I'm sure your are meeting some "interesting" characters. Take good notes!

Out of curiosity, how did a city-guy from Berlin find my book?

message 5: by awesomatik.de (new)

awesomatik.de I think the field of undercover work is very interesting. I wanted to know more about it. So I searched for "undercover" at amazon.com and found "trafficking".
I liked the cover and the tagline. I love wildlife and the outdoors so this book really stood out from all the other undercover stories about Hell's angels etc.

A unique selling point so to say!

It was no problem to order the paperback version.

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