You can get "Spy Hunt in Dixie" for free on May 9 & 10. 
Some of the customers' reviews:

"If Ocean’s eleven and Fight Club hit you with a surprise ending, Spy Hunt in Dixie will punch you in the brains with the most twisted storytelling. Your mind will need serious defragmentation."

"The challenge of the decade. If you think you’d figured out every mystery you’d ever read, then try Spy Hunt in Dixie. I’m sure you’d be greatly disappointed. Perhaps even after the 2nd read. You might have to read it a number of times before deciphering all its codes. Never enjoyed a re-read more."

"Whenever I read a new writer, and love his work, almost always he’s a reincarnation of a famous author. Max  Connelly, however, is from an entirely different galaxy. How could he write this impossibly tight plot? Already, I can’t wait to watch it on screen."

For Amazon (US) customers, you can get it here.
For Amazon (UK) customers, you can get it here.

This offer is limited by a download threshold, so hurry up.

You can also get "Spy Hunt in D.C.", an espionage short story, and tie-in with the novel, just for $1.25. For US customers here, UK customers here.[image error]
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