It's hard to believe that Mother's Day is this weekend. It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas, yet we blink and almost half of another year has gone by. And with the joy I feel with Mothers' Day, there is also a sense of loss I feel on that day. I lost my mother to Polycystic Kidney Disease over four years ago, and Mothers' Day of course has never been quite the same. I always put on a brave face, because I am a mother too and lord knows I wouldn't trade my beautiful girls for the world. Yet there are memories of days past with my own mom and growing up. I remember the first cake I tried to bake for my mom. I was in the tenth grade and so proud that we'd learned to bake a cake in Home Ec...or at least I thought I'd learned it. I went home, determined to bake my mom the best cake ever. I spent time prepping and baking the cake, and much to my suprise it actually looked like a cake when out of the oven it came. My mom had no idea, and so I put on the frosting and carefully wrote "Happy Mother's Day" on top...put the cake cover on top and set it aside for later. The rest of the day I anxiously awaited the opportunity to suprise my mom with this beautiful cake I'd made. Every year since I could remember, my mom worked hard in the kitchen on mine and my brother's birthdays making sure we'd had a cake, and by God it was her turn. After dinner, I went to get the surprise and brought it over...grinning from ear to ear I took the lid off and UGH!!!!!!!!!! Apparently I'd forgotten the part about waiting until the cake cooled to put the frosting on, and all the frosting had melted down to the sides. I cried, but my mom held me and thought it was beautiful. It was the ugliest cake on the planet, yet my mom and family ate it and complimented me on it, though I can't quite remember the taste. I just remember us laughing over that story for years and now that I think about it...I'm so happy that happened. It's not the perfect cakes we recall or the perfect gift, yet most of the time our best memories center around those funny mishaps. So, with my sweet mama in heaven now, I can't help but recall that cake, and though I miss her more than words, I know deep down somewhere she is smiling too. If you are blessed enough to still have your mom here with you...tell her how much you love her. Not just on Mother's Day, but everyday. God bless.
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Gail Hedrick Hi,
This is such a special story-make sure your girls know about it. I miss my mom, too-lost her to illness in 2004, but I had her by my side for 78 years. It's never long enough, but I know I was loved-what a gift that is to have forever.
Happy Mother's Day to all and thanks for the posting, Jodi.

message 2: by Jodi (new)

Jodi Stone Gail wrote: "Hi,
This is such a special story-make sure your girls know about it. I miss my mom, too-lost her to illness in 2004, but I had her by my side for 78 years. It's never long enough, but I know I was..."

Thanks,Gail. It's amazing how much you can truly recall about a mom. There is something to be said for moms because of all they, and we do. You're so's never long enough. I still recall my mom telling me that even twenty years after her mother died she could recall her smell. And that made her miss her mother even more. I hope in twenty years I still recall those things that seemed little at the time but are somehow huge. I try to share a lot about her with my girls. My two oldest remember her fondly, and even though my youngest was only one when my mom passed away, she still talks about her as if her memories are as potent as mine. I love that. Hope your Mother's Day was blessed too, dear friend. :)

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