thought that once I left high school the drama is gone forever none of this he
said, she said stupidity. I was wrong. I was in for a rude surprise considering
it never is going to stop because wherever you go there is someone trying to
create problems for you. There is always someone trying to bring you down, and
people who belittle you, and try to make you look bad.

and work places have drama too. People get into your business all the time, and
people try to start stuff with you because of stupid reasons. If you stick out
like a sore thumb, or have hobbies that are not like theirs they will start
stuff with you. 

They do it because they have nothing better to do then to go to
work and that is it. Or they just go to school, and they need to start drama to
feel more important. They are bored with their lives, and starting stuff is a
way to make their life less dull. These people are pathetic considering they
have to have drama in their lives to feel anything. They have a habit of
picking on people they consider weak, and go after them. The best way to get
back at them? Ignore them!!! It will piss them off the most to see you happy
like you really could care less they are in your life.


next time,

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