Hi I'm Lauren, Imogen's 11 year old daughter. It is "Bring your kid to work day" so I will be interviewing Ella! Here it goes! Ella is Arizona’s perfect little sister, you know, just like me! And has had a lot of strange things happening in her life, things she doesn’t even know, but here I'll be interviewing Ella, the little superstar from the Portal Chronicles! There are a few tiny spoilers, but not too many! Here she is! 
Lauren: Hi, Ella. I’m Lauren; I’m about the same age as you and I’ll be interviewing you today! So, it occurred to me that a lot of people see you as a brat! What do you think about that?
Ella: I think that’s mean! People shouldn’t be calling other people brats! I mean, I have feelings too! Well, I guess not everyone’s going to like me. So yeah. That’s not that nice.Lauren: Well, you defiantly don’t seem like a brat to me! ( snickers quietly) I agree! So, you have a new dog, Tallulah, do you miss Gertrude?Ella:  Yes I love little Tallulah!  I do miss Gertrude, she comes back to visit every once in a while, but I do miss her.Lauren: Gertrude is very cute I hear, and lazy! So, are you still in touch with Jonas and Sally?Ella: Yes, we hang out all the time; I have made some new friends, though.Lauren: So you must hang out with David and Kellan a lot! Do you like David or Kellan better?Ella: I like them both, I have to say Kellan is a bit more fun though, because he is horrible at Guitar Hero!Lauren: You must be good at Guitar hero! You go online shopping a lot, what stores do you shop at?Ella: I am the guitar hero champion! About the shopping, I love DELiA*s and Hollister!Lauren: DELIA*s is my fave! What was it like being kidnapped?Ella:  It was very dark, scary and frightening; I try to forget about it, though!Lauren: That must have been horrible! Who are your main friends at school?Ella: Well of course I love Jonas and Sally. But I made three other friends! Fallon, Dawn and Melanie!Lauren: So I bet you love sweet treats like I do! Do you prefer cake pops or crepes?Ella: Hmmmm that’s a hard question! I love both of them; except I know how to make cake pops because Arizona bought me a cake pop maker for my birthday!Lauren: If you could have one super power what would it be?Ella: Hmm I think I would either want to fly, or be able to go back in time!Lauren: Who is your favorite designer?Ella: HARAJUKU LOVERS x100000!Lauren: Haha all right than, I like them too! Do you believe in Faerys?Ella: Faerys? I wish they existed! That would be sooo cool!Lauren: Ella, thank you soo much for being here, it was great to meet you, it was my pleasure!
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