So I’m reading this fluffy article today about productivity, which seems ironic since the people that are reading this article are definitely not being productive. But okay. So the article starts off by saying that productive people take breaks.To avoid “saturation.” Okay to that too. But what about a brain that has been on overdrive since October? What kind of break should that brain take? Because a trip to the water cooler aint gonna cut it.

This is not to say that I’m the goddess of hard work. It’s just to say that I bit off a bit much with this last project and then I had to chew twice as long. On top of that project I was traveling and doing school visits and promoting a new book, having a few personal dramas, the holidays, wawawa. So now the winter season has come and gone and last week I mailed a draft to my editor. Now I’m looking around at my life. I have two simultaneous thoughts: 1) You have a lot of things to catch up on Missy, and 2)Wow, look how soft my couch looks.

But the article says, I mean it even SAYS, that I need a break to be productive. So here’s my plan. I’m going to learn just enough Spanish in five weeks to appreciate how horrible my Spanish is, and then go South, quite bit south with my son. His Spanish is fabulous of course. At which point we will build schools with other high school kids and their parents. I think after this break I will be ready to resume “productivity.”

Let’s be real. I’m going to have to work in the next five weeks too. And I’m a mom, so you know, there’s that. But if you would like to join me I suggest that you you make a few sacrifices for productivity too. Find a little corner of your day and hug your couch. Your brain will thank you, even if your boss doesn’t. The internet even says so.

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Published on April 23, 2012 20:07 • 66 views

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