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I was tagged by the delightful Melissa Crytzer Fry to participate in the 7-7-7 Challenge, which gives readers a sneak peek at the author's latest work. 

The rules are as follows:

1. Go to page 77 of your work-in-progress or latest book.

2. Count down 7 lines.

3. Copy 7 sentences that follow and post them.

4. Tag 7 other authors

Here are my 7 lines from UNDER THE WEEPING WILLOW

We sat together alone, Mother and I, side by side in the garden on the cool concrete bench beneath the shade canopy of the weeping willow. Its low sinewy branches cut off the outside world, like the slamming of a heavy door, holding the twisted words my mother had just uttered captive, bouncing off the tight web of leaves like an echo in a canyon. “I killed your father,” she’d said. A tiny girlish giggle followed hot on the tail of her statement. And despite the lackadaisical attitude with which she made her declaration, her words surrounded me, circling my feet like a boa, working their way up my legs, constricting tighter and tighter with each pass until I could no longer draw breath against their crushing weight.

Though it wasn’t out of character for her to ramble, her outbursts were becoming more and more frequent. But admitting to murder was a new one.


And to complete the challenge, here are my 7 lucky authors:

1. Leah Crichton

2. Kaira Rouda

3. Samantha March

4. Miranda Dickinson

5. VR Christensen

6. Caroline Leavitt

7. MJ Heiser

And to repeat the words of my tagger, and her tagger: "Let me know when your lines are up, I WANT TO READ YOUR POSTS!" 

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Published on April 24, 2012 08:00 • 58 views

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