Here's some food for thought - but it's not intended to be creepy, as
the title might suggest!  Rather, it's fascinating and potentially

Everyone agrees that the physical universe is solid
and real. It contains awesome levels of energy, unimaginable reaches of
space, and immense solidity of matter.  It also persists through
infinite expanses of time. Most physical objects last indefinitely until
they are either blasted into bits and components by some sun exploding
(or a kid with a hammer) - or just break down slowly into their physical
components, which go on existing in a different form, like the carpet
of moss lying underneath the forest floor, formed from decaying leaves
and other plant debris.

Now, to state the obvious, as humans we
are affected in many ways by objects and spaces in the physical
universe.  That's what life consists of, for the most part.

how do we affect the physical universe and exert our will and power of
intention upon it? Of course, we do it by moving things around
physically through contact with our bodies - or by directing other
people or machines to do it.

But here's the big question:  is it
possible to directly and/or instantly have an effect on physical reality
through the power of your mind or through a decision? Is the physical
universe, as solid as it is, still in some way subject to the will and
intention of an individual?

Well, simply put, it is. It is entirely possible and it is not even that uncommon.

can it be possible?  It can be, if you first realize the following: 
that a human being comprises several clearly definable parts, one of
which is the individual spiritual identity that runs the body (which you
can just think of as you).  If this is a concept that is not
very real to you, that's okay.  Consider what I'm saying anyway. Many
truths about us have become obscured in the modern, machine and
electronic culture we live in.

The capabilities and potential of the human spirit are many, and
are described in detail in a book I'll recommend below. But one of the
spirit's intrinsic, innate qualities, as amazing as it may sound, is
that it is senior to the physical universe.

So can we actually see or use this capability in everyday
life? Many people do it all the time, in the normal course of existence,
without even thinking anything of it. One way we use this often,
without really realizing it, is through our intention. If you have a
firm but lighthearted intention for something to happen and you aren't
putting a lot of negative thoughts or emotion into the mix, you can
often see quite startling things happen.

I used to have quite a
knack for this when I lived in Los Angeles and had to drive somewhere
and find a parking space. Perhaps you have done this as well. I would
set out without any worry that I would have a parking space at my
destination, even if it was in a crowded area. Notice that it was my intention
to have a space when I arrived. And so it sometimes occurred that I
would be driving along slowly, looking for a space, and a car would jump
out right in front of me, leaving a space I could go right into.
Sometimes they almost hit me, they seemed so eager to get out of my
way!  More frequently, I would just come to an empty space right where I
wanted to go, even if it was a crowded block.

What about other
types of occurrences? What about the time you dropped a decorated
birthday cake on the floor and it landed upright, undamaged? What about
the time everything was riding on a seemingly impossible move, or sports
play, or "coincidence" - and you did it? Two people's intentions can
also coordinate in this way - what about the time you had to meet
somebody in a huge, crowded room or arena and you didn't know how you
were going to find them...but you just walked into the crowd and there
they were?

You might be thinking that these are such
mundane, everyday occurrences, it is just chance and good luck, right?  I
went through my own doubts with it. But when this "ability" remained
with me over a period of many years, my attitude gradually changed. And
what is luck, anyway? Some people are lucky all the time. There is
something apparently unseen at work with such people. My point here is
that it likely was some kind of magic - the magic of willpower.

experience of this and other similar occurrences was that, with a very
clear, clean intention, the physical universe, and even other people who
may be involved in the scenario, can instantly bend or change. I think
of it as pliable or plastic - it will change instantly and reconstitute
to conform with your demonstration of clean, strong intention.  

And this is why I pose the question: "Are we really living in the
Matrix?" I want to bring your attention to the possibility that we all
potentially have the power to bring into existence control over the
physical universe and the various aspects of our lives. Above I've
mentioned simple examples. But this idea can be applied to help you
change more important factors in your life so that you are headed in
more the direction you really want. Even if you've gotten where you are
due to seemingly accidental circumstances, you can alter that and bring
things more under your own control. We can do this because of that "X
factor" part of us all - that part of potentially unlimited ability: the
living, intelligent and aware spiritual quality that is you.

is a one of the greatest inspirational excerpts I've seen, and it has
been quoted often. I think you will see its relation to what I've been
talking about here. It is by the mountaineer/writer W.H. Murray,
excerpted from his book, The Scottish Himalayan Expedition:

may sound too simple, but is great in consequence. Until one is
committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always
ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there
is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas
and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then
providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the
decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents,
meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would
have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

~   ~   ~

is what I suggest. If you would like to learn more about the
capabilities of the human spirit, I wholeheartedly recommend a very unusual book called Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought, by
L. Ron Hubbard. I first read it decades ago, and I think of this as the
handbook on the human spirit. It discusses in plain terms the makeup
and capabilities of individuals, and it offers information that can be
applied. It is very worth considering. Also, please realize that the
wisdom contained in this book is for anyone, no matter your religion or
philosophy. If it makes sense and is useful to you, it is yours to use


Copyright 2011 by D.E. Lamont. All Rights Reserved.
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message 1: by Phoenix (new)

Phoenix Reads Love this article. Great! Phoenix

message 2: by D.E. (new)

D.E. Thanks Phoenix, so glad to get your feedback!

message 3: by Khanada (new)

Khanada I completely believe this! I've seen amazing things happen in my life when no doubt was entertained in endeavors and even when visualization and pre-imagining created certain outcomes!

You know if you have a pet there are ways to test this ability and get instant results. One of my dogs cannot help but come to me when I visualize an invisible collar and leash and I pull her toward me when she doesn't want to come.

When my other dog doesn't want to come then I visualize petting and loving on her and she cannot help but come to me. Of course, once she gets to me I always reward her with that love before doing what I originally intended to do (such as clip her nails). Anyway, the power of the mind is awesome. I've found that animals are 100% attuned to this power and I believe it is how they communicate since they don't use words. I could go on about other things, not animal related, where great things happened, too. :D

Now, I just need to not forget this as I approach new ventures in life. My natural tendency is to doubt (like everyone) and it can be hard to overcome that. Thanks for this, D.E.! It renews my confidence!

message 4: by D.E. (new)

D.E. Hi Khanada! What great examples - that's beautiful!!! It's totally true and thanks for sharing them here. Yes, what we are capable of is truly amazing and wonderful. Speaking of animals, a friend of mine, the illustrator of my book, has the most amazing book about his ability to communicate directly with animals since age 2. It's called "True Tails" by Jon H. Soeder. Here is his website and the book is available there too: You can check out his other books there too.

message 5: by Khanada (new)

Khanada I will totally check that out! I've been amazed, just applying Dog Whisperer style communication has been WOW! Will definitely read Jon's book! :D

D.E. wrote: "Hi Khanada! What great examples - that's beautiful!!! It's totally true and thanks for sharing them here. Yes, what we are capable of is truly amazing and wonderful. Speaking of animals, a friend..."

message 6: by D.E. (new)

D.E. They certainly do shape our world, Mimi. Very glad you liked the article!

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