The cover is finally IN! The first draft of the print book should ship to me next week.  I will approve it and then it will be turned over to so that they can build the site for it.  When I approve the print book, I will immediately start the Kindle conversion process.  This process typically takes 2-3 week to complete. (It took 2 1/2 weeks for Intuition.)  I will keep you updated on the status of everything.  I really appreciate how incredibly AWESOME you all have been to...
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Published on April 07, 2012 07:55 • 585 views
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message 1: by Carrie (new)

Carrie Looks so good! Cannot wait for Indebted to be released!

message 2: by Jessica Karou (new)

Jessica Karou Yay!!

message 3: by Larissa (new)

Larissa FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 4: by Karla (new)

Karla Let's do this!!!! Yea happy dance all around!!!!!

message 5: by Halima (new)

Halima :D

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