Cannibals and Evil Cult Killers: The Most Unthinkable and Heinous CrimesCannibals and Evil Cult Killers: The Most Unthinkable and Heinous Crimes by Little Brown & Company

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I have been reading this book for research on my current novel. It's true that truth is stranger than fiction. The people in these articles did things I never imagined, even with my twisted mind.

The author of the articles was often biased and judgemental, calling the criminals perverts and blaming the parents ("Any normal mother would have done..."). This was a turn-off for me as I like to read unbiased articles. Also, there were a few discrepancies throughout (while reading about one cannibal, the writer referred to another cannibal).

Overall, it was a good read because it provided me with the information and details I needed. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes this sort of thing.

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Published on March 29, 2012 15:14 • 233 views
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message 1: by Claire (new)

Claire I'll have to check it out! :)

message 2: by Angela (new)

Angela Alsaleem It's pretty greusome. I think you'd like it. Especially the part about Ed Gein. Just don't read it while you are eating.

message 3: by Claire (new)

Claire LMAO! I'll be sure to remember that!

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