Happy Monday, chickens! What a lovely event we had this weekend. The panel discussion with Lauren Willig, Joanna Bourne, and Cathy Maxwell was tremendous fun and there was a superb standing room only crowd that asked great questions. (Our moderator Leeyanne was fab and Sandi, the community events coordinator at the Charlottesville B&N had chocolate cupcakes waiting for us when we arrived. YUM.) The Virginia Festival of the Book is always a good time, but this event was particularly enjoyable.

I thought it might be a good time to play catch up and make sure everybody is up to date on what's going on with releases. Sometimes announcements go by so quickly that not everybody has a chance to get the latest so here goes:

The next release will be the as-yet-untitled (and unwritten!) Christmas novella featuring Lady Julia Grey and Nicholas Brisbane this holiday season. It is part of a historical anthology and will be available in ebook only. (Not to worry if you don't have an ereader. You can download the app for all of the major readers directly to your computer or smartphone or tablet and read from there.) When I have a title or official release date, you will be the first to know, I promise!

The book I just turned in (that my editor loves--YAY!) is titled A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS. It is a stand-alone book set in Africa in 1923 and has a release date of May 2013. (This means May 1, which will likely translate to being able to get your hands on it in late April, although the ebook won't download until the first of May.)

As far as appearances, my next event is a panel discussion and signing at the Southern Kentucky Book Fest in Bowling Green Kentucky in April. After that I'm going underground to write! I have to polish up my Africa book, write a proposal for my next novel, write my novella, and write my next novel, so I plan to be deliciously, delightfully busy for the rest of 2012 doing what I love.

And a special shout-out this morning to the lovely reader who stopped by the signing on Saturday to tell me that she starts every morning at her grim job by reading my blog. You made my day too! ;-)

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