Last book in the City of Words series

My last fiction book is finished. The final book in the City of Words series has been finally released. I started writing this book in 2017; and as I kept writing, my crazy dystopian ideas began to look more and more like real life, until they started to even mirror future events. As I saw this happening, I thought about changing some of what I'd written Pre-2020, but I decided to keep it all in.

This book was nearly complete by 2019, and it took me two more years to finish up the last few chapters and edit the whole thing. But now it's done. It's a great ending to an apparently prescient dystopian series.

Thanks to everyone who has made my writing possible: to my editor, Christine Marsden; and to my proofreaders; to Chad Lewis. And many thanks to my wife, who has been nearly every heroine that I've ever written.

So that's it. You can buy "Island of Man" on Amazon NOW, or pre-order the eBook which will be released on December 22nd.

And to celebrate this end of an era, ALL of my seven previous books will be free on Kindle from tomorrow, December 18th - December 22nd.

Catch up on the City of Words series, or the Histories of Earth series, or read the stand-alone The Road to Jericho. Most of these books are also available on Audible, as well.

Thanks, guys. It's been fun.

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Published on December 17, 2021 15:06 Tags: dystopian, new-book, series
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