Biden’s Army of Door-to-Door Missionaries Prepare for Spreading the Gospel of Fauci

In Dr. Fauci’s hyperbolic vision of two Americas, people are classified as either the scientific “goody two-shoes” who follow orders and get vaccinated or the selfish Neanderthals who just want grandma dead. It is difficult to have a unified country or intellectual conversations when those are the only two options, and when political dissidents feel silenced in the debate over the pandemic and the vaccine (there is no current campaign to imprison people for speaking out, but to question the narrative gets you nowhere because only one view is taken seriously and the other is mocked, ignored, or removed), it is no wonder why so many refuse to get vaccinated. Marginalizing people who ask questions and challenge the narrative is not a good marketing strategy, and utilizing techniques such as bribery and desperate pleas (like pushing lies that you will die or get hospitalized if you do not receive the jab). Because the Biden administration failed to reach its arbitrary seventy percent goal of all adults receiving at least one shot by the Fourth of July, it has issued a statement suggesting that it will send out government agents (or volunteers, as is claimed) to undervaccinated communities and go door to door at times. This overreach of government should be met with resistance at every turn, and even if it were just an innocent ploy to get people to take a miracle cure, the methods being pressed should concern all Americans.

I have heard very little pushback from people on the possibility of sending agents of the state on private property to persuade individuals to take an experimental drug, and there are only a couple of ways that this could be accomplished, one of which is more concerning. First, government agents could simply go to states, counties, and municipalities with low vaccination rates and start knocking on random doors and hoping that some of the people that answer are not among the majority class. This would still mean government agents patrolling the streets with eyes and ears on the ground, and in addition to potential intimidation, these hired hands could be collecting data on local communities and handing it over to the government for future use. It would be naïve to believe that the missionaries of the Covid religion would knock and then quietly leave the residences of those who turn them away without some sort of verbal effort or alternative mission.

If the thought of having unwanted and persuasive salespeople at one’s door is not enough to make the blood boil, another possibility is more sinister, which would be a targeted approach. This would involve searching through vaccination records to see who is and is not already vaccinated so the agent can show up at the door of the minority class. This would be the least time-consuming option because the government could quickly scan the databases and isolate names and addresses of the targets without spending time worrying about preaching to the choir of the already-vaccinated. Searching records with the intent to single out individuals for the purpose of approaching them would be a violation of the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee against unreasonable searches and seizures. The government needs probable cause of a crime in order to search records, regardless of whether the records are publicly available (in today’s world, very few records are actually private) or sealed in a medical office. The last time I checked, not getting vaccinated is not a crime.

Sending government agents to private residences is also a violation of the Third and Ninth Amendments, and it could also violate the First (religious exemptions), Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments. The Third Amendment guarantees everyone privacy in their own homes (stemming from the British quartering of soldiers), and the Ninth Amendment prohibits the government from violating rights that are not expressly written in the Bill of Rights (such as privacy). If the missionaries require one to answer their questions or reveal vaccination status, this could violate one’s right to not self-incriminate (Fifth Amendment), and if the state governments participate or attempt to force vaccinations, the Fourteenth Amendment has been violated. If the government agents refuse to leave and detain the unvaccinated individuals, this would be an unreasonable seizure (Fourth Amendment).

The so-called pro-choice people seem to only care about choice when it is the murder of unborn babies, but when it comes to what they perceive as a necessity for public health, what people put in their bodies is the choice of the collective. I mean, everyone is parroting the “safe and effective” mantra, so what could go wrong? It is not like anyone is dying or suffering from side effects from the vaccines or anything, right? It is not like the government would experiment on the population. The Tuskegee Syphilis Study and Project MK Ultra were just misunderstandings, of course, and you can trust a government that bombs children in third-world nations and tortures enemy combatants and puts immigrants in cages.

Even if applying the Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905) mentality, no federal law has been created to allow the government to force vaccinations on the populace, like was the case in Cambridge, Massachusetts at one time, nor has a law passed allowing the federal government to carry out the Biden administration’s new orders. Though the Supreme Court precedent set by Jacobson is dangerous and de facto unconstitutional, this is the argument that collectivists have salivated over in order to bypass the U.S. Constitution and state constitutions for limiting the choice over one’s own body. This is why Americans should be concerned. Today, it might be going door to door with the Gospel of Fauci and a holy syringe in hand, but tomorrow, it could be forced needles in arms, if the conversions are unsuccessful.

Another thing to be concerned about is the possibility of placing people who refuse the “hospitality” of Biden’s minions on a watchlist, which would turn average citizens into criminals of sort without due process (terrorist and no-fly watchlists already exist, and many people have been erroneously, or not, placed on them). In conjunction with Facebook ramping up its “fact-checking” and anti-extremist notifications and the FBI and NSA spying on political dissidents, the federal government could keep tabs on the unvaccinated scum of the earth, and in the future, these people could be labelled as domestic terrorists. It already seems highly likely that the federal government (particularly Dr. Fauci’s NIAID) collaborated with Facebook to push “authoritative information” (as shown in the FOIA request for Fauci’s emails), which could explain why information that went against the narrative was silenced in a heartbeat and pushed to the fringes of the Internet in the “conspiracy” realm. The Biden administration already plans to work with Facebook and other social media sites to bypass the First and Fourth Amendments, so the times are getting dark for those people who still value freedom.

With the precedent that will be set for the government going door to door to push an agenda, what will be the next step? Will it be forced vaccinations? Will, as North Carolina Representative Madison Cawthorn says, the government be coming for guns next (starting with a buy-back program, and then it might evolve into confiscation)? I mean, New York’s King Andrew Cuomo issued his own decree turning gun violence into a public health emergency, and even the New York City-dominated legislature (the gun-wielding Upstate New York is at the mercy of a dictator now) did not approve of his declaration of a new war against guns (the war against marijuana is fading, so we need a new war on inanimate objects to lock people up). Sending government agents (or volunteers, as they will call them) is dangerous to our liberties.

Governor Mike Parson of Missouri and Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina have spoken out and plan to prevent the Biden administration’s door-to-door efforts from getting off the ground, and hopefully other officials will join in. As the propaganda ramps up with the delta variant and new warnings are being issued suggesting that mask mandates and other measures will return in the Fall (through executive fiat without the legislatures, of course), Americans need to guard against the encroachment of their rights. The more we downplay these things and allow the gradual degradation of our freedom, the more the government will push.

Thank you for reading, and please check out my book, The Global Bully, and website.
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Published on July 13, 2021 15:02
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