Starting in March I will be accepting inquires for authors who would like to promote their books live on my new radio show " Words have meaning" and also like to be spotlighted in my new magazine "Book Reviewers Roundtable"(This is a free promoting service) .... Also I will be accepting inquiries for my other show Shadow Realm if you are a band, or pagan and would like to spotlight your music or knowledge send all inquires to authors who submitted books for me to review the reviews will be posted on amazon, good reads,book reviewers roundtable magazine, words have meaning blog talk radio show and my personal blog. I am not accepting anymore submission for reviews until march 15th. Genres are Romance- (historical, paranormal, erotica, bsdm) Science-Fiction, Fantasy & Non-Fiction.... Thank you once again.
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Published on February 29, 2012 05:48 • 119 views • Tags: paranormal, promoting, reviews, romance, shadowstorm, writing

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