Gone but not forgotten..Richard Wagamese.

Since we met, you have been with me. In daydreams, you invade my thoughts, when I think of you, I smile. Today.....I was in a bookstore. I am saddened that you left me, too soon, Richard.
While out riding my bike, a storm ensued. Naked to the storm, I was driven into a place, you and I could get lost in, a book store. It was so cute the day you told me, that when you were meeting people for the first time, at their homes, and you were at a loss if you didn't see any books. You said, "I knew I was not in the right company."
Richard, in life....I loved you as my friend, and in spirit now, I love that you visit me. Like at the book store today....I just want to mention that when I voiced your name, the bookstore stood still, like a frozen tundra....then the applause started as we spoke of you. The ones you touched before you went to your angel duties Richard. We miss you. Save a seat for me in the library, next to you please. Your legacy is deeper than the life of trees. Love you always.... and forever in my heart.

Sincerely, Brenda Rae Schoolcraft
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Published on June 05, 2021 19:50
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