Emmanuelle Ferraro; Baby Sister…Assassin


Emmanuelle Ferraro is the baby sister of the famed Ferraros of Chicago. Her brothers are protective of her. Loyal to her. And she has worked hard to be a top Shadow Rider. An instrument of justice. An assassin who uses the shadows to mete out that justice.

Emme doesn’t have her brothers go with her on her assignments. She takes her turn as a Rider just like they do. She’s not weaker. She’s not less. She is a force to be reckoned with. To be feared.


Outside of being a Shadow Rider Shadow Rider she is still the little sister. Even though she has grown into an independent woman. A woman who can take care of herself. A woman who falls in love with a man her family may never accept.

Her training to be an assassin isn’t what pushed her toward Valentino Saldi. It had nothing to do with keeping an eye on the enemy. She was young and saw an incredibly handsome and irresistible man who found her interesting. And when she became a woman, he did everything he could to make her his. He wanted her. But he had a secret. There was something about him that she knew wasn’t quite right. Something no one in her family knew.


Emme knew she had to tell her family. But when she started to tell her oldest brother, Stefano, he freaked out about who she saw and never listened to her regarding what she saw. His disappointment and anger at her forced her to be quiet.

Her mother was cruel. To the point of being abusive. Her mother found fault in Emme in all that she did. Emme would never measure up. Never be enough.
She loved her family, but she didn’t always feel accepted or heard. So when Val seemed nearly desperate to have her, to offer her acceptance and love, the relationship became as irresistible as the man. With Val she was worthy and wanted and loved. He gave her everything she craved.

But to have him, to really have a life with him, she would have to give up all she’d been born to do and be. She would have to suffer the disappointment of her family. Perhaps even their rejection.


Nothing is every easy. Betrayal. Heartbreak. Loyalty. Everything comes spiraling down on Emme as she learns Val has done something that can never be taken back. Her training as an assassin could save his life, but the cost of helping him was nothing she was trained for.

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Published on June 03, 2021 11:07 Tags: christine-feehan, paranormal-romance, shadow-riders-series, shadow-storm
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message 1: by April (new)

April Mcmillan Absolutely LOVE the way Valentino bares his soul to Emme and shows his love even through all doubt. Love the way his cousin Dario confirms Val is "OWNED" by Emme. Their story shrouded in danger, secrets, and worry of acceptance is a wonderful tale of an older guy who falls hard for a younger girl and is determined to make her his at all costs.

message 2: by Carol L (new)

Carol L Cridge What an ending! Guuurl, I did not see that coming. Loved it!

message 3: by Lori (new)

Lori Absolutely loved this book@

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