Shadow Storm: Blood Ties

Shadow Storm is about to turn the Shadow Riders' mythology on its head!

Two families from Sicily. Ties with organized crime. The Ferraros and the Saldis. The Saldi family wanted the Ferraro family to join forces. They knew there was something about the family that was different, but wasn’t sure what that was. Whatever it was, they wanted in. But, the Ferraro family turned them down. So, the Saldi family waged war, doing their best to take out the entire Ferraro family. As the blood bath took most of the Ferraros, it was only those who could ride shadows that were able to escape. They scattered all over the world in a bid to save themselves. They found other Shadow Riders and began to grow the family again.


There are Shadow Riders all over the world. It isn’t just the Ferraro family. But, the feud with the Saldi family continued through time and over continents. Each family grew stronger in their own way. Those who moved to the United States created their own territories that they would do anything to protect.
History, even a violent one, creates relationships. The Ferraros and the Saldis are no longer actively fighting, but the feud isn’t over. There is no trust. No love. Well, except for Valentino Saldi and Emmanuelle Ferraro. That love stands against years of hate and mistrust. It’s not welcome by the families. But, what is to be done when the heir to one wants the now-grown little sister of the other?


The fact is, we all are good and we are bad. With a twist of the kaleidoscope the view changes. Perspectives change. Which of the families are not killers? Which of the families are not willing to destroy the other to keep their own safe? Who is good? Who is bad? What determines that?

In Shadow Storm we realize there are good people and bad people in each family. We find betrayal in the Ferraro family. We find loyalty in the Saldi family. Nothing is simple. Not in fiction. Not in real life. We all have layers to us. And the dynamics of the two families are about to get a turn of the kaleidoscope.
Emme is loyal to a fault. Her family means everything to her. She loves her brothers. Stefano is more like a parent to her.


Valentino Saldi is ruthless and his loyalty must be earned. When his uncle, the leader of the Saldi family, adopts him after his parents die, Val feels a strong bond to the older man. And the bond is mutual.
Now, Val is under attack. His tie with Emme was severed. He stands alone against a powerful army of his own people. He’s wounded and vulnerable. When someone within his circle contacts Emme to tell her what’s happened the Ferraros must decide whether to join Val or let him die, effectively removing the greatest threat to their little sister’s happiness.

Of loyalty and love, which will win? Which is stronger? Which will ride out the storm?

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Published on May 26, 2021 08:54 Tags: christine-feehan, family, loyalty, romance, shadow-riders, shadow-storm
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message 1: by Joan (new)

Joan The plot twist is a head-spinner. The action and suspense kept me reading past midnight. Bravo!

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