Does the writer strike back?

Or do you just let them takes swipes at you, as though they have the right to, because they read your words, and now they want to call you out, or strike you down. As of late, although most of my reviews are amazing, heartwarming, honest reviews, there has been a couple that border on abuse. Yes, as you know, I grew up in an abusive home, my childhood stolen from me, and writing the book, Alice Had a Palace, was my final healing.
I had one reviewer abuse me with his take on my book. Was it that he himself is an abuser, and loves that he can hurt me with his words? Do words really hurt? It's called emotional abuse, just another way of hurting someone. The fact that he felt he needed to beat me up a little more, I wonder if he had fun with it, was it meant to really hurt me? Of course, or he would have simply just said, poor book, badly written, hated it. No, he went on to torture me with his criticism, and abuse me in any way he could. Well, congratulations, you succeeded in hurting me. I won't lose any sleep over it though, obviously you just hate my voice, and as the days go on, I realize, my readers either really love my story, or they straight hate it, and me as well.
Pure hatred on the page, vile disturbing words, like daggers through my heart. But really, after all the abuse I suffered as a child, your words merely stung a bit, like a bee sting maybe, not even like a slap.
With all your creativity in the review, you might aspire to write a book sometime yourself. It takes guts, not for cowards. Then there are those reviewers looking to seem as though they are brilliant, at the expense of calling you down, and thus bringing attention to themselves.

As a writer, you need to roll with the punches.

God Bless
Sincerely, Brenda
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Published on May 23, 2021 22:19
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