Book Review: Batman; The Demon Trilogy

Batman: The Demon Trilogy Batman: The Demon Trilogy by Mike W. Barr

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This collects three Batman Graphic novels featuring Ra's Al-Ghul.

Son of the Demon: Batman and Ra's join together in a somewhat long-running partnership to stop a villain and he renews his acquaintence with Talia and it turns out they're still married and so there's even a bundle of joy on the way. The art in this story is beautiful but as a story, it was good, but Batman's actions are out of character. His allieance with Ra's and hopes that it continues seem very out of character. He even goes so far as to train Ra's men, which seems like something that would come back to haunt him. However, despite the out of character nature of it, the action's good and it's a solid read.

Bride of the Demon: This is a more convention Batman v. Ra's story as Ra's has a plot to cleanse the Earth and has determined Batman must die first, but Ra's also has to put an aging Hollywood starlet into the Lazarus Pit so she can be his bride. This story is fairly good. While I'm not the biggest fan of the art, given the sort of comic art that would so dominate comics in this era, this isn't that bad. If I had a problem with it, it's that this doesn't really seem like a story that mertis a graphic novel treatment. It should just be three or four issues of Batman or Detective Comics.

Birth of a Demon is the Ra's Al-Ghul origin story written by Dennis O'Neil with superb art by Norm Breyfogle. The story is mostly about Ra's origin framed with the Batman story. It explains a lot and is interesting. The art has some great freakly surrealistic turns and feels like real art. It's an intriguing tale that held my attention throughout.

Overall, I think all of these are good and worth reading if you're interested in Ra's Al-Ghul as a character.

Dennis O

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