Book Review: Batman/Superman, Vol. 2

Batman/Superman, Vol. 2 Batman/Superman, Vol. 2 by Joshua Williamson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After a first book that was all abotu battling the Batman who Laughs and setting upe vents and character changes in DC books, this feels like a proper Batman/Superman with several story arcs worked in to the nine issues plus an annual collected here:

The Kandor Comrpomise (7,8): While the bottled city of Kandor appeared to be lost in the Man of Steel mini-series, Zod has plan to revive them but it leads him into conflict with Ra's Al ghul while threatening his truce with the House of El. A solid tale that sets the stage for changes to the Status Quo in Superman's world.

Atomic (9-11): A mystery involving Atomic Skull's mysterious death and raises bigger problems with a long-time Superman foe. This makes good use of Batman's detective skills.

Planet Brainiac (12-14): Superman and Batman are trapped on the moon and it's up to Steel and Batwoman to free them, whether Batman and Superman want them to or not.

Annual #1: Batmite and Mister Mxyzptlk get into an argument over who's better: Batman or Superman.

Snowfight (#15): Solomon Grundy is about to blow up and Batman and Superman to figure out how to get him home to avoid the fate without setting him off. This is probably my favorite story in the books and turns poignant at the end with a suprise guest star.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. This is what a Batman/Superman book should be. It's fun with a couple important stories. It makes for a very pleasant and enjoyable read.

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Published on May 06, 2021 23:16 Tags: batman, superman
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