Book Review: "Luke Cage: Second Chances Vol. 2

Luke Cage: Second Chances Vol. 2 Luke Cage: Second Chances Vol. 2 by Marc McLaurin

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book collects Issues 13-20 of Cage as well as crossover issues with Terror Inc. and Silver Sable and the Wild Pack

The book starts off decently enough with the first two issues taking care of some loose ends from Cage's first book, bring across a big final confrontation and resolving some issues with his family.

Then we get into the six issue crossover including two issues of Terror, Inc. and Silver Sable. Terror is one of the more repulsive characters I've seen. The characters are awful, the storyline is uninteresting, the dialogue is terrible, and the artwork is awful. The best thing that can be said for the story is that the art on Luke Cage looked better than the art on the other two books.

The final four issues of Luke Cage features Cage overreacting to negative PR, then a three-part story featuring evil possession and requiring half the Fantastic Four including the Thing wearing a wrestling mask for...reasons to save the day.

Overall, this was disappointing book. It didn't exactly start strong. It did start okay and set up some good storylines for Cage, but we never got to tsee any of it as the book goes out with a whimper with an awful crossover and some meh final stories in Chicago.

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Published on March 26, 2021 19:25 Tags: 1990s, luke-cage
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