The survival guide to dealing with the FBI

Here are the dos and donts in dealing with the FBI if you find yourself at the center of a case in which you yourself are not the criminal. This survival guide comes from first-hand experience in being at the center of a high-profile FBI case, which has not been revealed yet and intends to debunk some myths and naive public understanding of how the US justice institutions actually work. It is also intended to help those who might find themselves in a similar situation, genuinely confused about the FBI bad guys role, which the public is not fully aware of yet. Here we go.

First, do not assume that the FBI are the good guys who are after the bad guys. If you are the survivor in an FBI case, you are basically “at war” with the FBI. The FBI are not here to catch criminals and protect citizens; they are essentially political animals pursuing their own agenda.

The FBI will fit actors into their own desired narratives and hypotheses. They will try to manufacture evidence, delete episodes, and push evidence under the rug.

The FBI won’t let overwhelming evidence get in the way of their own narrative. They will try to get guilty people off the hook and throw innocent people under the bus if it helps to change the focus of the investigation in their desired direction.

The FBI top tier will watch with an ugly smirk, as the crimes unfold with a risk to the life, health and dignity of the survivor, if things are going their way. They will not step in if they don’t like how the case looks. Sadistic fascination with violence and suffering is not uncommon for the FBI top tier. They will watch with genuine disappointment when the survivor does well and beats the odds and the criminals every single time. You are playing against the FBI as much as, if not more than, against the criminals themselves.

The FBI will smear a survivor or a victim if things are not going their way and if they do not like the way the case is turning out. They will find ways to do that actively, or through inaction and by allowing crimes to unfold to their liking.

The FBI will try to illegally set up the survivor in criminal situations that the FBI itself creates in order to level the playing field with the actual criminals, in favor of the bad guys. They will also try to gain – or where non-existent -- manufacture as much dirt as possible on you, in hopes for locking you up – even if completely aware of your innocence – or with hopes of turning you unwillingly into an informant. And they will fail. They will wish that you’d kill yourself to get rid of you. And they will miserably fail again.

The FBI will try to sound-torture you and generally make life for you as a survivor very uncomfortable by trying to create frustrations everywhere you go and erode your health and mental stability to which you invariably won’t yield. And the FBI will be frustrated. The FBI top tier will wonder how to break you, so that they can lock you away and take credit for the case as the heros, even though they themselves really have not done anything.

The FBI will try to trivialize the criminals into neutrals with excusable behavior, while trying to turn the survivor into a criminal, as they won’t allow overwhelming evidence get in the way and ruin their case. They will try to ensure balance trying to show that both sides are equally bad even when the score is 100 to 0 in terms of violations. The FBI top tier will demonstrate frustration when the survivor would simply not fall in their traps after orchestrated attempts, over and over again.

The FBI, where possible in partnerships with the CIA and other countries’ intelligence agencies, will slap grave baseless accusations and investigations on the survivor or the victim to ensure balance vis-à-vis the criminals. It is your job to defend yourself, day after day. The FBI will want to desperately show that both the criminals and the survivor are equally bad, equally criminals and equally at fault. Do not let this ruin your mood. Just know that this is the way that the US justice system operates. Just beat them at their own game. The only way to beat the FBI is to punch them in the face (politically) over and over again. Do not let this interfere with your faith in humanity. The FBI are not human. People, generally, are good. But you are dealing with the FBI.

The FBI will use troll farms to generate rumors or comments about the survivor or victim in order to manufacture their own baseless hypotheses and lies and discredit the survivor’s impeccable international reputation. They will base months and months of investigation on bogus rumors invented by the FBI themselves, pursuing desperately their dream scenario. Again, they won’t let actual evidence get in the way. The FBI will try to interfere with media through illegal means, such as paying people off.

If you are an Amazon best-selling author, a top finalist for UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of speech, and a hard- hitting and outspoken expert and critic of US foreign policy, American impact on human rights worldwide, and against the trampling on democratic principles in the US, expect to be presented as a little girl with broken English living in the slums with stars in her eyes about America.

The FBI will go at great lengths to make an uber-political case into a casual drama quarrel about gossip and “women stuff”. The FBI will try to cover up the obvious fact – that you are a Democratic Party and Biden supporter. They will try to make you look neutral and apolitical. They will try to turn political opposition motives into silly, non-sense comments about jokes, music or animals. Everything will be dumbed down, toned down, invalidated or downright swept under the rug.

The FBI top tier will be envious when everything points to the survivor as the hero whom people will admire. This is not a “serve and protect” kind of thing. The FBI directors will do their best to take you down because they themselves want the spotlight – a spotlight, which they do not deserve anyways.

You will have to do everything instead of the FBI, at your own risk, if you are a survivor in an FBI case. You will have to reach out to criminals to re-energize latent debates and memories, and expose criminal motives and agendas yourself. The FBI will not count that something has happened if it’s not debated or acted upon in the last week or month. Events from several months ago will be swept under the rug with an ugly smirk, so it is your job to keep the discussions alive with the criminals, at your own risk, because the FBI won’t do anything themselves. They will wait for everything to be done for them, so that they can just cream the upside and claim the credit, with hopes of smearing and removing the actual protagonist from the center stage. The FBI want to be “the belle of the ball” – only that in real life they are actually the camera man in the SNL Oscars episode, hoping to win the big award for a peripheral appearance of third rate importance.

Dealing with the FBI is like dealing with Balkan organized criminals, only that it’s worse because the FBI actually gets legal cooperation from everyone, including your own government and authorities.

In dealing with the FBI, you will have to engage in public one-upmanship and roll them back continuously, day in and day out, not allowing them to push their deceptive and politically-driven agenda.

Do make all your positions and evidence public, in English, in a reputable media or blog, repeatedly, across issues, regions and time periods. Nothing else would work. As a survivor, you are basically at war with a powerful institution. You will have to close in and block the FBI on every single corner, on every single point, not allowing them to draw whatever picture they are drawing of you. That’s the only way you can stop their lying and cheating, and block their creating misleading and deceptive narratives.

It’s not enough for you as the survivor to dig out the evidence, emails, former memories and conversations. They would know of their existence but will do their best to cover them up if it doesn’t fit their agenda. The only way the FBI would accept evidence is if you shove it down their throats, press them up against the wall and twist their wrists, so that they would have to accept it with tears in their eyes, with disappointment that their plots are falling through, and unwillingly as a last resort because it’s all public and there is really nothing they can do about it.

The FBI will try to discredit you as a survivor. You have to paddle really hard, frantically trying to roll back the FBI’s lying and cheating, and anticipate every single possible attack on your otherwise great public persona and impeccable public international reputation.

The FBI will not recognize legal cases as evidence, if it’s in their way.

Expect that the FBI will try to silence your real positions. As a survivor dealing with the FBI, you are in the same position as the criminal who had his mouth duct taped in a courtroom by order of the judge. That’s if you are not actually the criminal. The criminals’ word, on the other hand, will be taken at 100%. You have to make it, despite the FBI.

If you are expressing your genuine hatred, resentment and fury towards the criminals, expect the FBI’s position to be that you yourself don’t know your own position. The FBI will know your position best. The FBI will want to make you like and not mind the criminals. If you express hatred and disdain, the FBI will turn this around into admiration, or at least neutrality. And that’s their best offer.

If you are a woman, you are no more than tits to the FBI top tier. Do not be angry. No war was ever won in anger. Just fuck them over really bad intellectually. If you’re dealing with the FBI, you have to punch them in the face again and again and again (politically speaking). That’s the only thing that they really understand.

Do not assume that the FBI is a monolithic organization. Like any other US agency, there is a lot of disagreement and one could find dissenting opinions over the irregularities and the criminal, politically-motivated mishandling of a case. The question is how much power such dissenting voices have within the existing hierarchy.

Do not assume that the FBI directors cannot be investigated and removed over misconduct and politically-motivated criminal mishandling of cases. As with everything, to get the wheels in motion would take some political will and transfer of power, so it’s not impossible. The DOJ Inspector General – among other avenues – has jurisdiction over such cases.

Do not allow any plea bargaining or deals on your behalf. Speak up before society and the judges. Do not under, any circumstances, trust the DOJ. Do not sign anything.

Your best bet is to make everything public and know that as the survivor you always have the upper hand. Do not hate America. Just try to reform the US security and intelligence community.

Always be yourself. That the FBI can never take that away from you – and that’s why they hate and envy you so much.

Iveta Cherneva is an Amazon best-selling author, and a political and security commentator. Her latest book is “Trump, European security and Turkey” (2020). Cherneva’s career includes Congress and the UN; she was a top finalist for UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of speech in 2020. Her opinions appear in Euronews, the New York Times, Salon, The Guardian, Jurist, Modern Diplomacy, the Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, LSE, Emerging Europe, Washington Examiner and EurActiv. Iveta appears on TV and radio for Euronews, DW, Voice of America and elsewhere.
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Published on January 12, 2021 01:06
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