Book Review: Superman, Vol. 3: The Truth Revealed

Superman, Vol. 3: The Truth Revealed Superman, Vol. 3: The Truth Revealed by Brian Michael Bendis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Truth Revealed collects four Issues of Superman and two special issues.

The first issue has a reunion between Jon and Damian as the later considers an offer to join the Legion of Superheroes.

The rest of the book centers on Clark's decision to reveal his secret identity. The topic is one suited to Bendis' style as he loves to do stories with a lot of character conversations and talks from even the man on the street and this is a topic where that fits. So while the entire book is a bit pro forma in setting up the new status quo for Superman, it's still an engaging.

My only complaint is the presence of the infected Supergirl in the villains issue. That was rather pointless and a reminder of how DC so badly mishandled this character.

Other than that, it's a solid read.

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Published on January 10, 2021 00:33 Tags: brian-michael-bendis, superman
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