January 4, 2021: King Trump has no clothes. What a sight… Let the laughter begin!

Trump—the man who tried to convince us he has large hands—has been disrobed. [1] What we see is not a surprise, but it is funny. Likewise, that other stand-in for phallic prowess, the AR-15, is returned to its gun rack beside the jeans that don’t fit, the junior-varsity jacket, and MAGA hat dusted with coronavirus. During America’s four-year saga of reality TV drama, who knew it would end as a comedy? When Rudy Giuliani flashed his petite portion of voter fraud so small it couldn’t be found—in a filthy parking lot between a porn shop and a crematorium. [2] And if that weren’t farcical enough, after Giuliani screamed “Fraud!” in public but denied it in court, he reappeared for a 105-minute lie-a-thon. As black sweat ran down his face, America received the news: the ghost of Hugo Chavez molested our election. [3] One last prank from the jester who colored his hairs with Trump’s Sharpie. [4]

Mercifully, the Trump comedy was canceled thanks to a ratings drop for its game show host. But while Putin’s asset hastened America’s retreat, accelerated the rise of China, and made conspiracy theorists feel special, he also provided the gift of laughter for generations to come. As a sayonara to our populist temper tantrum—in the Oval Office for now—we gaze here at Trump’s tiny segment of spoofery, and his screwball supporters who performed their own striptease. It took them four whole years of undressing that not-so-scary camo to finally get naked, and a laugh. And while Trump scrapes his knees for a mouthful of counterfeit votes in Georgia, the GOPP sedition caucus, led by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, plan to bare their anatomy in public chambers for one last guffaw; a coup against that Constitution they pretend to venerate. [5]

This all started with a joke: Trump's puerile populism raised to the level of a new religion, ditching the old one. As Billy Graham Center director Ed Stetzer wrote in Christian Times, “Christians seem to be disproportionately fooled [as] Putin’s troll factories focused on…evangelicals.” [6] On the BBC, Stetzer said some Christians had replaced Christ with QAnon—hence the new religion and magnet for populists—which 4 in 10 “Republicans” believe in. [7] This latest adoration of the New Right crawled under Trump’s bedsheets along with the Proud Boys, neo-Nazis, and the Klan, where Trump fondled their gullibility to let them feel special too. Though “Gullibility is not a spiritual gift,” says Stetzer.

But humor is. And there’s plenty of it, with QAnon a fresh display of sidesplitting credulity. Get this: Q claims that John F. Kennedy Jr. faked his 1999 plane-crash death in order to replace Vice President Pence as the con man’s 2020 running mate. [8] Q divulged that Hillary Clinton drinks “adrenochrome” as a fountain of youth derived from the blood of children her pedophile syndicate holds captive at that D.C. pizza shop, which Trumper and gun-besotted Edgar Welch shot up to free all those children who were never there. [9] And Q-cult-leader Austin Steinbart’s prophetic insights into government are “because he receives messages from his future self through quantum computing.” [10] “Steinbart, recently jailed for violating terms of his pre-trial release on extortion charges, had in his possession a prosthetic penis called a ‘Whizzinator.’” [11] Now, that’s funny! We’re told the lesson of the Whizzinator is that it showed Trump what’s essential to grasp when holding the staff of Q-leadership, even with small hands. And who needs an AR-15 to thrust high in state capitols when a man can grab his lightweight Whizzinator instead? [12]

While Mad King Trump and his disciples embraced QAnon and any crank who would lick Trump’s… boot, he, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity revealed to the waiting world “doctor” Stella Immanuel’s support of hydroxychloroquine as Covid-19’s cure. [13] Recall, hydroxy was a lie Trump told as a diversion from his prescription to inject Lysol, and Trump’s a no-nonsense, straight-talking liar. When he tells a lie, he sticks to it. To polish her medical credentials, Immanuel added that, by-the-way, “people are having sex in their dreams with demons and witches.” [14] These phantasms turn themselves into women that have sex with men to collect their sperm. Upon which, they turn themselves into men who sleep with men, depositing that collected sperm… somewhere, and… somehow reproduce more of themselves. Forget vaccines, she said; scientists cooked those up “to prevent people from being religious.” [15] With backdrop-gravitas of the Supreme Court at our 1st Annual White Coat Summit—organized by “conservative” Tea Party Patriots—Immanuel dropped the bombshell: the U.S. government is run by reptiles and aliens! How often have I said Trump operates solely off that reptilian structure at the base of his brain, “Responsible for feelings of urgency: gag, vomit, defecation, sex, fight or flight…” [16] And when Immanuel says “aliens,” she’s not talking that border crossing version, but those who zip in from distant galaxies. See my post, U.S. government Deep State impregnates our daughters with illegal aliens from other planets! [17] I knew I was on to something.

Late in Trump’s zany programming came a televised interview where NBC host Savannah Guthrie asked Trump about tweeting “a conspiracy theory that Joe Biden orchestrated to have Navy SEAL Team Six killed to cover up the fake death of bin Laden.” (Newsflash! Osama’s not dead!) And Trump’s reply? “That was a retweet. I’ll put it out there. People can decide for themselves.” To which Guthrie responded, “I don’t get that. You’re the president. You’re not someone’s crazy uncle!” [18]

Trump’s someone’s crazy uncle. Ask Mary Trump.

While Donald, and Rudy-beside-the-porn-shop—with his witness to voter fraud, who turned out to be a liar and registered sex offender—pushed the China-paid-Biden story, the Wall Street Journal and—wait for it—FAUX NEWS, reported nothing to it. [19] By this point, Trump’s belt was undone, his zipper was down, his pants were about to come off, and…

Don’t look, cult fans! You’ll be forced to lie (again) about what your eyes see clearly!

And their latest giggle? Authoritarian-fascists-who-loath-socialism scream, “STOP the STEAL!” Dead people voted; Trump ballots were burned; Biden ballots were stuffed! It says so on the Internet. Even mail-in ballots were counted. And kept counting, until all votes cast before the election were counted after. (As always.) [20]

These assertions from sTupid himself, Rudy, and Goebbels Media were then fed to 57,151,930.99 guileless Americans who—released from evidence, facts, and planet earth—believe. [21] And opened their wallets for Trump’s last con: his “legal fund.” [22] Vindication of that funny Chinese saying: “One dog barks at a shadow, and one hundred dogs respond to make it a fact.” This shadow was laughed out of a record 63 courts, with two 9 to 0 swan songs sung by The Supremes. [23]

Wow. What a looser.

But Trump got Putin’s help in 2016. He extorted Ukraine in 2019. What are these “losers” and “suckers” complaining about? [24] (Not a reference to Trump’s description of fallen U.S. troops. [25]) Don’t the ends justify any immoral means? Isn’t that the governance our Founders gave us?

Secretary of State Impersonator Mike Pompeo said, “There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump term.” [26] So what’s the problem? Democrats tried The Steal but failed, lost seats in the House, and could lose the Senate in a runoff.

Or… was that part of the plan? Plausible deniability… Finish impeachment the Senate bungled, set the bootlickers free?

Brilliant! Way to go, Dems!

Recall this trifling bit of reality: pimps and addicts of this type of stupidity are not toddlers, fearful of goblins under their beds. These are “adults,” many with university degrees. So psychedelic-high on their lies, they display fealty to their buck-naked pharaoh by refusing protective masks at his rallies, strutting their adolescent defiance of… a virus.


Deny there’s a lethal killer in the air today, cheer Trump for saying so, who admits it’s a killer on a February recording, who then says it’s not, whereupon we as deniers sign an agreement absolving Trump from responsibility for our death from the virus-that-doesn’t-exist acquired at his rally. [27]


Among these draft-dodgers from our war against a foreign invader, “no-masker,” and Idaho pastor Paul Van Noy refused to halt in-person church services. He landed in an ICU with the Trump virus. [28] The Constitutional scholar and Arizona Sheriff, Mark Lamb, “proclaimed the state’s attempt to curb coronavirus was unconstitutional,” winning Lamb a White House invitation. [29] Sadly, Lamb tested positive for Covid, contracted at a campaign event, invitation canceled. That’s not just funny; that’s the kind of scrumptious irony the British love and another reason they, the Canadians, French, Pakistanis, Sudanese, Bangladeshis… laugh at us. Everybody’s laughing. In San Antonio, TX, a man in his 30s succeeded in contracting the disease at a “Covid Party.” Later, in hospital, he looked to his nurse and said, “I think I made a mistake. I thought it was a hoax, but it’s not.” [30] As his last words, he then died.

Maybe that’s not funny.

With America First! in Covid deaths, it’s fall to 25th place in democracies, a world record $29 trillion in debt, ranked 16th in infant mortality, 38th in mathematics education, 24th in science, utter ignorance of founding governance, and alone in the world with a decreasing life expectancy, maybe these aren’t funny either. [31] “Make America Great Again”? Let’s not.

We once thought Nazi Germany suffered a national madness. Psychologically, morally, half of America is little different.

And we have nukes.

That’s not funny.

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Until next time: March 1, 2021.
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