Book Review: Shazam and the Seven Magic Lands

Shazam and the Seven Magic Lands Shazam and the Seven Magic Lands by Geoff Johns

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In the Seven Magic Lands , Billy Batson and his foster siblings return to the Rock of Eternity where their whisked into the seven magic lands and find they've unleashed many dangers on the world that they have to protect the Earth from. Meanwhile, Billy has to deal with teh sudden re-emergence of his father.

This book is epic. Essentially, it collects an entire year...all of Geoff Johns run on the 2018 series and it tells one unified story. It includes visits to Magic Lands, introduces Tawny Tiger, as well as featuring Shazam's biggest bads, while sprinkling in a lot of family drama.

It manages to have fun, provide wacky situations, and have enough action and heart to keep the book engaging. It's rare that I get this entertained by a modern ongoing series, but this oen rings the bell. I heartily reccomend.

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Published on December 25, 2020 23:25 Tags: captain-marvel, dc-comics, shazam
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