You need the skin of an armadillo.

When you finally have the guts to call yourself a writer, realize you will have fans, some that love you and some that don't like your voice at all. The other thing is, negativity also lends to positively, in the end. Create drama, whether it be in what you say, or how your readers react to you. Did you think they all would love your work, your voice? Does the truth frighten them, intimidate them, or is it that sneaky God element that runs through the tale of Alice, her savior to the end. Without God, Alice's life would have been unbearable....she threw her burdens on him...and he took them on his own shoulders, just like how he carried the cross for us. Love Jesus.....praise God.

To to be forgiven.

Love from Brenda
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Published on December 13, 2020 00:06
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