The Big Bad COVID Lies of 2020

This year has been quite the year. Our normal lives became upset by an authoritarian spirit that possessed our politicians to the height of insanity. We got a glimpse of what all narcissistic politicians desire, as their true colors were shown quickly with the disaster of a lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic was more than just an opportunity for leaders to control our lives in unprecedented ways, but it also allowed for the public to become more malleable with the new normal (think the Great Reset) on the horizon. Governments would never let a crisis be wasted when there are new opportunities for exploitations of the populace, and we have much more misfortune to look forward to in 2021. Despite the bleak outlook on the future, we must consider how we got to where we are and the deception that was orchestrated by the government and the elites.

We begin our adventure of exploring the COVID-19 lies with Dr. Anthony Fauci and his National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the National Institutes of Health. The mainstream media kept insisting that the novel coronavirus was naturally occurring, despite its peculiar characteristics of asymptomatic spread (everyone became guilty of having the virus without a chance to prove one’s innocence); nocturnal behavior; ability to infect people gathering in churches, small businesses, gyms, and theaters, while leaving protesters with certain politically correct agendas alone; and the inability to penetrate through masks, despite years of studies showing that masks are not a successful mitigation measure (Dr. Fauci originally opined that masks are about making people feel better, and that they do not halt the spread and may only stop a few droplets). The NIAID and NIH funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China that studied how coronaviruses could jump from bats to humans and got criticism from doctors that this could start a pandemic, and yet, the public still believes that the virus coincidentally started in the same city where the research was being conducted and had no connection whatsoever to the laboratory. This is how effective the media is with its propaganda.

The next big propaganda lie that has been told over and over again by both the media and politicians was that this virus crept up on us and that there was no way we could have known how unprepared we were to combat a virus. However, as previously discussed, scientists warned that a pandemic could start from gain-of-function research, but that aside, I can list three exercises right off the bat (pardon the pun) where government officials, corporations, the healthcare industry, and billionaires literally practiced the pandemic that we were about to experience just months before the first recorded case was known. Politicians, which are interested in making themselves look good, needed a cover story, and the public bought it. Clade X, Crimson Contagion (a January to August 2019 exercise that simulated an influenza-like virus coming from China and showed the unpreparedness of the federal and state governments and hospitals), and Event 201 (an October 2019 exercise involving the WHO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins Center for Health and Security, the World Economic Forum, business professionals, medical experts, and policy makers that simulated a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus). So, when Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York comes on the television and tells you that he had no idea that this could have occurred, remember that his government participated in Crimson Contagion and that he won an Emmy Award.

With the two topics listed above, in conjunction with the fact that most states moved quickly to coordinate lockdowns and other measures and that there was a constant push for a new normal, should it be any surprise as to why many Americans, despite the best propaganda efforts by the mainstream media to censor information and condition people into accepting whatever the official narrative seems to be at the time, believe that the coronavirus pandemic was planned? Think about the exercises that were conducted just before September 11, 2001, such as Vigilant Guardian and Fertile Rice, in which the military was unaware whether or not the actual hijackings were real. Plus, there was the planning of al-Qaeda’s and the Taliban’s removal days and months before the event occurred.

If one is to examine past historical events, it should not be too difficult to understand motivations and parallels between the COVID-19 pandemic and 9-11. Just like 9-11 ushered in the Patriot Act, the massive surveillance state, endless wars in the Middle East, and the bolstering of the military-industrial complex; COVID-19 has the benefit of ushering in new economic policies (like the Great Reset), increased restrictions on people’s lives, and an expanded medical-surveillance state (think contact tracing and mandatory vaccinations). To the majority of Americans who do not study these things, this all may seem farfetched, but before dismissing these things as conspiracy theories and something that the government would never do, I would like to remind people of Operation Northwoods and MK-Ultra.

As if the lies involving the background of the pandemic were not bad enough, let us dig into the details inside of the crisis. As mentioned above, Dr. Fauci told the world that mask-wearing was unnecessary and was just a feel-good measure, and then halfway through the first wave, he decided to change his opinion and backtrack, saying that he only said that out of concern for a mask shortage. However, that is clearly not what he said at the time, and why would there be a mask shortage if wearing cotton shirts or bandanas over one’s face was permissible? There is no shortage of those things.

There was something fishy going on with the flip-flopping doctor, and questions remain about the effectiveness of mask-wearing. The Danish mask study shows that the wearer has essentially no protection from the virus, and although the mainstream and social medias went ballistic and tried to cover this up as misinformation, there is no denying that the majority of Americans are conforming to the donning of dirty rags over their faces with little hindrance to the pesky disease. The number of cases continues to skyrocket (see these charts), despite the compliance, and if masks really were an effective mitigation measure, we should not be seeing such increasing rates of infection. The media and the government have been lying about masks and will not allow any scientist or citizen who questions the official narrative to have a say in the matter.

Similar to the lack of allowance of an opinion on matters regarding masks, people were told to just shut and obey when it came to lockdowns. Government officials rushed to shut down businesses, economies, and people’s livelihoods in order to curb a virus with a less than one percent death rate. Lockdowns did not halt the spread, and in fact, the death statistics (which is more important than the total number of cases) were all over the place. For example, during the first wave, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Spain performed far worse than Sweden (at the time of this writing), a country that did not impose a lockdown. Peru and Italy had some of the strictest lockdowns, yet, they had some of the worst results in the world. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts (states with some of the strictest measures in the United States) consistently topped the charts for deaths per capita, while states like Florida (a state that did away with strict measures and continues to holdout), Georgia, Texas, and South Dakota (a state that still has not implemented a lockdown) fared better (again, all death statistics per capita will need to be viewed for the date that this was published for accuracy). Though death statistics do not account for the entire story, if lockdowns were effective, the positive results should be skewed significantly towards states and countries with stricter lockdowns, but that is simply not the case.

Politicians have touted lockdowns as the great success story that has saved countless lives, but this is far from the truth. In fact, things like suicides, drug overdose deaths, fatalities from undiagnosed medical conditions due to obsession with one virus (the full effect of this will not be known for some time), and domestic abuse have increased astronomically. Plus, people’s emotional and mental well-being have been destroyed, as life has become less enjoyable, and elderly people suffer in isolation. Socialization (something necessary for humans) has been affected, and children have not been able to learn key social skills due to school closures. All of this does not take into consideration the financial burdens that people have suffered while their political overlords are living luxurious lifestyles in their mansions and palaces.

Poverty is on the rise, and even the WHO admitted that lockdowns should not be the primary means of controlling the virus due to the damage caused. Despite continuing the trend of trading certain lives for others, politicians claim that the lockdowns have saved lives (if more people are dying from the “collateral damage” and suffering severe emotional and mental issues, how can lockdowns be considered successful?).

Small businesses have closed or continue to struggle to make ends meet, and the cronyism and corporatism associated with the government picking large corporations to remain untouched and profitable has destroyed the prospects of the little guys. Governments have divided all businesses into two categories, but since when does the government get to choose which businesses are essential or nonessential? Destroying small businesses to bring about a new world where large corporations and governments restructure the economy may be the intended goal of taking advantage of the crisis. Focusing solely on a virus while the whole world around us burns is a poor strategy that has failed, yet, the overlords do as they will in order to control people and rebuild society to their liking.

Politicians and the media have paraded around the idea that lockdowns would prevent the overcapacity of the healthcare system, but just like much of what comes out of Governor Cuomo’s mouth, the idea that hospitals would be overwhelmed was a lie. The concept of two weeks being enough to flatten the curve and prevent overcapacity of hospitals quickly and expectedly transformed into indefinite virus-halting measures that would be back and forth for weeks to come. This was never about overcapacity.

The New York governor has a habit of spinning the truth, and he even tried to blame President Trump for his decision to force nursing home patients into facilities where they would spread the disease. Then, he tried to cover the order up by altering it and pretending like he never caused thousands of deaths by his actions. The CDC guidelines put forth by President Trump stated they should try to accommodate nursing home patients who tested positive, but the order was a mandate that required the acceptance of these patients without question. He even had the time to write a book about how great he was, despite New York being one of the worst-performing states in the country (and one of the worst-performing political entities in the world).

The media has been pounding the death and case projections into our heads, and politicians have been frightening the populace into accepting lockdowns so that they can control their lives. In fact, Governor Cuomo even said that lockdowns are not the best approach, but he has attempted to instill fear in the populace in order to justify the very lockdowns that he claims are needed to bring down anxiety levels. He does not truly care about the science as he claims, but rather, he is more interested in control and exercising power. Politicians at many levels of government have taken advantage of the opportunity to become more powerful at the expense of the people.

The propaganda surrounding COVID-19 has been dishonest in many ways. The constant projections of deaths and case numbers were meant to cause fear, and it worked. Masked people could be seen everywhere (sometimes even in their cars), and bullying of people into wearing masks was not unheard of. The mantra became, “you are selfish and do not care about science (something that is supposed to be about questioning things) or people’s lives if you do not blindly follow the narrative.” It became our patriotic duty to stay home and wear a mask and sacrifice everything that gives life meaning. Television advertisements became full of masked individuals. Almost everyone fell for the propaganda in the extremely nationalistic transformation of society, and most people decided that the television should tell them to be afraid and not question anything. Coupled with enforcement of executive orders, fascism became popularly accepted.

Government officials constantly sold us the lie that a public health emergency means that individual rights need to be suspended. They claimed that the Bill of Rights does not apply if there is a pandemic, and the populace fell for it and accepted the destruction of civil liberties. People were forced to stay home, arrested or fined for having or attending gatherings, and disallowed from having certain people in their homes. Privacy and the right to one’s property got thrown out the door. People were not allowed to attend church to practice their religions or assemble at restaurants, theaters, or gyms. Forced masking (and now vaccines when they become mandatory) prevents a person from having a right to their own bodies. Lives, liberty, and property were taken without due process, and businesses that were arbitrarily declared as unimportant by government standards were forced to close without just compensation. Businesses that did not comply with strict regulations imposed by executive fiat were fined or shut down (business owners have even been arrested for trying to make a living).

People were also convinced that monarchy was a superior form of government over a republic during a time of crisis, as governors usurped power and issued executive orders that took on the effect of law or suspended existing law (Governor Cuomo suspended hundreds of laws). Because of fear, the majority of people thought only a king issuing edicts could prevent the spread of a disease, and the legislatures and courts took a break so that their assembling would not become super-spreader events. Even now, legislatures and courts are not checking the governors appropriately. These lies allowed for the strengthening and consolidating of governors’ power.

The arbitrariness of allowing certain gatherings and not others also became apparent. Protesters who were interested in protesting racial injustice were encouraged, while churches and synagogues were forced to close. Protesting lockdown measures were discouraged, but Black Lives Matter protests were supported. This inequity and application of executive orders in an oppressive manner helped fuel the fire of political divide. The lie that the virus would spread at conservative or Trump rallies and not at liberal or Antifa rallies was contradictory and showed the true colors of liberal politicians bent on controlling lives and not stopping the virus.

The hypocrisy of political leaders was also astounding. On the one hand, they would claim that everyone needs to stay home and not travel, but on the other, they would get caught out and about without a mask or attending a large gathering. Governor Cuomo, who lives in a mansion, wants everyone to make sacrifices to “save” lives, but he does not want to sacrifice his luxurious lifestyle or salary (he altered laws by executive order, so he could waive his pay). He was also caught on multiple occasions without a mask, including when he was on his under twenty-four hour trip to Georgia. California Representative Nancy Pelosi was caught at a hair appointment after urging her constituents to stay home and follow the state’s guidelines, which included shutdowns of barbershops and hair salons. Governor Gavin Newsom, one of the most authoritarian of the governors, was caught at a large assembly in a restaurant without a mask after issuing orders telling residents that they should not do exactly what he did. Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler told residents to stay home and not travel for Thanksgiving while on vacation in Mexico.

The public blew these occasions off as mistakes due to human error, but the truth seems to be that they are not really all that concerned about the virus. If a political leader goes to an event, they know for sure what they are doing, and there is no excuse besides arrogance and the thought that they would not be discovered. The “do as I say and not what I do” mantra has become popular during the pandemic. If politicians, who presumably have more information on the virus than the general public, are not worried about it in their daily lives, why should everyone else live in fear? Our politicians are lying about the disease and using it as an excuse to control the sheep that blindly follow their every words.

There have also been financial incentives for labelling deaths in hospitals as COVID-19, and in fact, healthcare facilities received $13,000 in Medicare payments per positive case and $39,000 if the patient went on a ventilator. Some physicians say that they were pressured to list the novel coronavirus as the cause of death, and financial gain can be a great motivating factor that can inflate the numbers.

Now that we have broken down the erroneous arguments that mitigation measures have been successful, it is now important to focus on the virus itself. Political leaders have attempted to force their will upon the populace for a disease that is not really that deadly, and if we analyze the statistics from the virus, we learn that it is not really as much of a concern as they claim. This is not to say that people should not be cautious, but it does mean that they can live their lives without constant anxiety and without obsession over it.

Back when people thought the death rate from COVID-19 was around four or five percent, paranoia broke out. However, since then, we have learned that the death rate is actually around 0.6%. Granted, this figure shows that the virus is significantly more deadly than the common influenza, but it is still very small. Of that 0.6% of people who die, 94% of them had comorbidities. This means that 6% of all deaths are solely from the disease, and ultimately, only 0.036% of people who have the disease die from it without comorbidities. Is this virus really that deadly to warrant a complete obsession and shutdown of normal life?

In addition, up to 90% of people who test positive for COVID-19 have such a low amount of the virus that they cannot spread it to others (a high number of cycles, which is something that is not reported, indicates that the PCR tests are too sensitive), and around 80% of people who have the virus do not show signature symptoms. This means that the virus is not as contagious as previously thought, and if someone is not displaying symptoms, they are less likely to spread it, provided that they are not shouting or singing at someone. If only 10% (maybe more) of all people who test positive (given that the PCR tests are even accurate to begin with) can spread the virus, why is everyone so afraid?

Now, if we take these statistics and apply logic to them, we can come up with some simple ideas. First, you are unlikely to catch the virus, but if you do, you are extremely unlikely to die from it (if you are not elderly or have other underlying conditions). You are not likely to spread it, but if you do, the person or people who you spread it to are very unlikely to die or spread it to others. This chain continues, and a rational person would conclude that societal shutdowns are not warranted. Yes, we should shield the elderly and people with underlying conditions (see the Great Barrington Declaration) and take precautions to prevent them from getting it, but it is insane to ask the young and healthy to sacrifice their lives for something so inconsequential to them. Increased infections that occur among the young and healthy end up benefiting society as a whole, and ultimately, that is what the vaccine is attempting to accomplish. Why are we being sheltered from the virus in order to develop herd immunity through artificial means when we could develop it naturally? What is it about these vaccines that they are trying to push it through so quickly and aggressively?

Politicians have lied time and time again relating to this pandemic, and we can expect more falsehoods in the coming months. We are now at the precipice of our “dark winter” (did Joe Biden make a reference to Operation Dark Winter from 2001?), and more lockdowns will be pushed upon the populace. An authoritarian winter filled with all kinds of fearmongering propaganda will certainly lead to many more deaths and deteriorating mental and social health. However, these deaths will not be from a virus with a 99.4% survivability rate.

Thank you for reading, and please check out my book, The Global Bully, and website.
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Published on December 09, 2020 18:59
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