Book Review: Spider-Man: The Graphic Novels"

Spider-Man: The Graphic Novels Spider-Man: The Graphic Novels by Susan K. Putney

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book collects four Spider-man graphic novels:

"Hooky" finds Spider-man being drawn into a fantasy world to help a young woman who is trying to reclaim her place and defeat a creature of ultimate power. This is not a typical Spider-man story and that's part of what makes it work. The dialog is great, the art is superb, and the story is a moving classic. Grade: A

"Parrallel Lives" tells the story of Mary Jane and what she was doing as Peter was growing up. This book expands a bit on the origin of Spider-man and adds some controversial elements to Mary Jane's but I think works...for the most part. The inclusion of Doc Ock felt more obligatory than anything else. (i.e. Well, this is a Spider-man story, we need to fight a supervillain.) It wasn't bad, but it was out of place. Grade: B

"Spirits of Earth" finds Spidey and Mary Jane going to Scotland where Mary Jane has received an inheritance. However, there's some strange goings on, and the young son of the local laird is missing so Spidey goes into action. Writer/author Chales Vess has a real love for Scotland and it comes across in the writing. The art is gorgeous, absolutely stunning and just like in "Hooky," it's very fun to see Spider-man in an atypical location. I don't think the story was quite as good, but still this one was solid. Grade: A-

"Fear Itself" features Silver Sable and involves the White Ninja, hijinxs with Nazis, and a fear gas. This isn't bad, but it's not particularly good either. It also just doesn't seem to fit as a graphic novel as it's just a typical Spider-man story. Probably, it'd been published a few years later, it'd be a three issue mini-series like so many Spidey had back in the 1990s. It'd be mediocre, but at least it wouldnt' be out of place. Grade: C-

Overall, I thought three of these were all good and worth reading, and the third is kind of mediocre, but can't make this collection anything but a must buy for Spider-man fans.

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