Book Review: JLA, Vol. 1

JLA, Vol. 1 JLA, Vol. 1 by Grant Morrison

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This book collects the first nine issues of Grant Morrison's run on the Justice League of America as well as JLA: Secret Files #1.

The first four issues has the Justice League of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Aquaman going up against a team of self-styled alien heroes who quickly are shown to have ulterior motives. Morrison does a good job crafting this story. At four issues long, it's actually very well-paced. Today, it'd be padded out ridiculously to get to six issues. But what we get instead is a nice engaging story that introduces the team and gives them a real threat.

Issue Five sees a new look for Superman, which seems more foisted on them than anything else by the writers of the Superman book. Morrison acknowledges it and rolls with it and then we get a story of the Justice League seeking new members. They find one but she has a secret. This one was a pretty well-done one-shot. It surprised me and packed a punch.

Issues 6 and 7 finds the Justice League caught into a fight between a couple different groups of angels. While I thought there were some interesting ideas in the story, it felt a little too convoluted.

Issues 8 and 9 sees the team captured by an alien who finds a way to manipulate their mind and challenge their view of reality. The story actually does see our heroes getting into some places that have strong Gold and Silver age meanings which makes for some nice Easter eggs.

The Secret Files book has two stories in it. First up is a story of Starro invading and taking over the body of the Flash, and the JLA having to figure out how to stop them and the Spectre making a guest appearance to encourage them not to interfere. This is a pretty engaging story and a nice nod to the very first Justice League story. Then the second story is "A Day in the Life" which follows around Martian Manhunter. This one is a decent enough back up story.

Overall, this is a pretty strong start for Morrison and you can get hints at why his run on this book is considered so historic.

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