How I came to marry my husband three different times in three different dresses

I think most women start anticipating and planning for their wedding while they’re still in the womb. :o) Setting aside ideas for dresses, venues and color-schemes that they can tap into later, the minute an unsuspecting man proposes to them. They generally think of it as a “once in a lifetime time occurrence” and often find themselves weighed down and stressed out by the challenge of creating that exact image they have in their heads of the perfect wedding. Now, imagine planning two weddings at once – to the same guy. Two different locations, two different gowns, two different guest lists…you get the idea. Well, that was my situation eight years ago. To top it all off, we were already married!

Maybe I should start at the very beginning.

My husband and I met in a bar of all places – not the most romantic setting perhaps, but there it is. Two months later, I moved into his place – or rather, I came for a weekend visit and never left…In hindsight, I’m sure he must have suffered a small nervous breakdown at that point. Still, after living together for about ten months, we were driving home one evening when out of the blue he suddenly says, “Why don’t we just get married?” I believe I responded with something as eloquent as, “OK.” I was dumbfounded. Perhaps the nervous breakdown had been more serious than I thought.

Looking back, it’s one of the best decisions we ever made, not only because we’re perfect together, but also because we avoided the cold sweat and the ‘life flashing before your eyes’ moment that probably would have occurred had we had a year’s worth of anticipation ahead of us. Basically, we just did it – a week later at city hall in fact (let’s check off the first dress). We travel a lot and we both have family and friends living abroad. Needless to say, not many of them were able to make it at such short notice.

So, two years later we (or more precisely I) decided it was time to have a proper church wedding. But how would we go about it? We knew it would be virtually impossible to bring everyone together under one roof – perhaps not wise either.

After much brainstorming, the obvious solution presented itself – two weddings! Why hadn’t we thought of it sooner? After all, it would be so much easier (and cheaper) for the two of us to travel between our two hometowns than to relocate more than one hundred people. And of course, I had nothing against picking out two dresses – indecisive as I am when it comes to clothes.

Truthfully, it was not only perfect; it was everything I could have wished for in a wedding. And to make things even better, unlike most couples, we were not plagued by the typical pre-wedding disagreements, since each one if us was in 100% in charge of the details of one wedding. :o)

How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back only has one wedding in it. It’s a spur of the moment event, just as my first wedding was, though the circumstances leading up to it are quite different, I assure you. However, since my heroine, Emily Rutherford, is a very family oriented character, the possibility of having a second wedding that her sisters can attend, does get discussed.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this novel. It’s the story of overcoming tremendous heartache, of self discovery and realizing that, as painful as a broken heart can be, life not only can go on, but does go on, sometimes relentlessly marching on toward a much better and completely unexpected outcome.

But wait – there’s more:

1. Blackmail at the hands of a woman so callous she’ll put any villain to shame.
2. A misunderstanding that almost lands our heroine at the altar with the wrong man.
3. A hero with a past built on so much anger and hatred it’s a wonder he’s maintained his sanity.
4. A secret letter that promises to change the lives of our hero and heroine forever.

Alone, Francis and Emily don’t stand a chance, but together they draw on each other’s strengths, discovering that even the most impossible odds can be overcome if they open their hearts completely, trust each other, and let love in.

~Sophie Barnes - author of How Miss Rutherford Got Her Groove Back
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