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So, I'm working on a long story immersed in a science fictional/fantasy world. The geography is expansive. The plots are dynamic. And the characters, though metaphorical, are integral to pulling this whole thing off.

Since the characters are metaphors for a greater message or idea, I began my research on names. I came up with great names that work for the characters, like Skylar Esen and Jaira Uri.

Readers, let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

In the meantime, below is a bit of the research I conducted.

It is widely known that fiction authors often turn to baby names to craft names for characters.
The internet is rife with lists of baby names in various languages and cultures. In addition, one can buy books on baby names as a reference.

For Science Fiction in particular, I like to use Google Translate. For example, I was searching for a name for one of my main characters and settled on Jaira which is of Hebrew origin generally meaning that God enlightens.

If you have characters that have symbolic meanings, giving them a name that means what they symbolize may be helpful. You can also alter the name to give it an otherworldly feel to it.

Visiting graveyards and reading tombstones might prove useful. It believe it was something J.K. Rowlingdid.

Reading the bylines on articles, newspapers, and books from international authors in the bookstores may also be fruitful.

In the U.S., the phonebook is fairly obsolete but it still exists in other countries. In addition, you can still order a print copy from your phone provider if you want to.

Construct your own. Say it aloud to determine if it works for the character. Often, as you write deeper into the story, the character may actually tell you if their name works or not.

What are your favorite science fiction and/or fantasy names? Why?
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Published on November 04, 2020 15:22 Tags: character-names, science-fiction
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