Book Review: Stargirl

Stargirl Stargirl by Geoff Johns

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book reprints the first 14 issues of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. in which Courtney Whitmore teams up with her stepfather to fight crime as the new Star Spangled Kid, and then issue #4 of JSA All-Stars in which Courtney takes on the name Stargirl.

The book is really of interest because of the TV series based on Stargirl as a comic book series, it's not particularly remarkable. It's Geoff Johns first work in comics and as a book it's not bad, but that's about all you can say to it. The characters are shallow, the villains aren't that inventive, and the plots are a bit forgettable.

However, it's of interest because of the TV series. Johns did use much of the plots in the book in the first season of the TV series. However, because he's older and maybe a bit wiser, he offers different twists on the ideas in the book in the TV series. There are differences between the Blue Valley plot and what the villains plan is. The relationship between Pat and Courtney and indeed Courtney's entire character is very different in this book v. the TV show. I thought she could be a bit stubborn and irrational on television, but the book version was definitely worst in that regards.

If you liked the Stargirl TV show and want to find out the origin of some ideas in that series, this book is worth checking out, or if you're a fan of Geoff Johns work and want to see his first project. Otherwise, this is mostly unremarkable.

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Published on October 31, 2020 23:24 Tags: jsa, stargirl
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