Which Presidential Candidate Do You Want to Lead the Country through COVID-19?

I was watching CNN recently, and after the commercial break, the reporter led off the election discussion with something along the lines of, “only xx number of days until Americans cast their ballot for who they want to lead the country through the pandemic.” This stuck with me for a couple of reasons. There are all kinds of issues that the country will face over the next four years, but the news outlet picked this one as the front and center issue due to perceived failure on the part of the current administration. The news and social medias greatly favor the former vice president and are attempting to highlight the failure while maintaining the appearance of objectivity. At the same time, the mainstream media desires to mislead the public into believing that the virus is worse than it is in order to rally the public around a nationalistic narrative that is not allowed to be questioned.

Despite the constant propaganda and anti-Trump rhetoric that is constantly thrown in our faces every day, the reporter’s question was valid for an unintended reason. Do we the people want a more nationalist approach to the virus or one where the states take a leading role? At this time, it is clear that Americans have been conditioned to accept light-weight authoritarianism as the only viable solution to combat a virus with a less than a one percent death rate, and as a result, they will likely accept the nationalist approach with open arms.

Despite initial projections showing that millions of people in the United States would be dead by now, Democrats still overwhelmingly and erroneously claim that the president is responsible for the two hundred thousand souls that have been lost because of his inaction. They cannot even stop to think logically about this and perhaps be grateful that that many people did not perish. Nope. It is all Trump’s fault. No matter what he did or did not do, Democrats were always going to place all of the blame on him because they have been obsessed with freeing the country of his leadership for the last four years.

If Vice President Joe Biden claims victory in the election, there will be a national mask mandate at the very least. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a proclaimed prophet of the scientific religion that has taken over society, has already stated that a national mask mandate is now necessary. He is obviously saying this right before the election because he wants to frighten the country into voting for Biden, as he is more partisan and political than he will admit. If enough people are afraid, they will vote for the preferred candidate.

Fear is what makes people comply, and New York Governor Cuomo has admitted that this is the case. Biden would most likely follow Cuomo’s lead and install a lockdown plan that would cover the entire country, and if this is the case, the economic and social consequences from the new lockdowns will be devastating to the people who have already struggled from the first lockdown. I live in New York (though in the more rural Upstate), so either way, I will be forced to live through another lockdown and increased police state measures, as mandates will now be more heavily enforced this time around because governments know that people will not resist. However, if we can push for a more state-centered approach, people living under less tyrannical governors may have some chance at freedom.

This writing should not construed to show endorsement of the current president, who has taken numerous unconstitutional actions and has continued the status quo that President Obama passed down to him. For example, he has placed immigrant children in cages that were constructed and used under the previous administration (though to a lesser extent), increased bombing the Middle East through drones, and not attempted to halt the surveillance state or the war on drugs and militarization of police. However, Democrats have unjustly criticized the president, and if Biden wins, a national approach will become accepted by the majority of the populace.

We do not need more detrimental lockdowns in the United States that have no benefit to Americans, but if we are not careful, the federal government will make a stronger move towards totalitarianism, and with this, the government will usher in forced vaccinations, increased efforts towards a globalist system, and future authoritarian measures enforced by a police state. It seems at this point that if Democrats win, authoritarianism will be brought in from the start, and if Republicans win, there could be a civil war sparked from violence by those who will not accept the results of the election. Either way, the political scene from this upcoming election looks bleak for the good people of the United States, and as the COVID-19 numbers begin to rise in the second wave (something Bill Gates alluded to months ago when he gave an excited little smile to his wife instead of expressing grief about it), we need to resist the efforts by the federal government to centralize power and move towards tyranny.

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Published on October 26, 2020 17:44
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