I'm a lot like....Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway was my dear friend, Richard Wagamese favorite writer. I have to say...I love him too, and Richard of course. Now they are in that library in heaven, there is a seat waiting there for me..... close to them.

While reading a Movable Feast, I realized Ernest and I have a lot in common. Firstly, we are both writers. Next, we both loved the racetrack and handicapping horses. As a matter of fact, Ernest would spend countless hours, handicapping them attending the races, while making a few dollars betting, when he could have been using that valuable time, writing more books. What a man!

I want to channel him actually, if he isn't busy with angel duties.

Richard also had a love of alcohol, like Hemingway and I. Now, I'm not saying I go to the restaurants of Paris every night, indulging in the best of what the house had to offer, but I say....I sure do love a good bottle of wine.

Both Hemingway and Fitzgerald were boozers. I'll stop there. Don't want to beat up the dead, although I would love to share a glass with them, right now.

I am writing Beaten at The Wire....my racetrack story. I was married to a champion jockey that lost at the wire.....to cocaine.

There is a chapter in the book, my last chapter with my jockey, where I beat him with his own horsewhip.
I guess you will have to read the book....

Hemingway was a boozer and a gambler...and a writer. Like I said....him and I are a lot alike.
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Published on June 20, 2020 00:26
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