Good Evening!

As of late....I have been lost for words. But you say, "Where have you been Brenda Rae Schoolcraft?
Well, I have been lost in my mind. I have been on a roadtrip with my granddaughter, Harmony Raine. The light of my life, and one of the crystals of the world, who will lead us into the new system, after Armageddon. You are like, are you going on one of those spiritual tangents again?
I can't stay far from the page, but in the last few months, we all have been living an out of worldly, kind of existence. Where do I start?

Working hard on the final edit of the Penny Vagina Murders. It has consumed me for the last seven years, so when I say it is soon coming, realize it is like, how God is from time to time eternal, so don't be anxious, it is coming...…..very soon to Amazon.

Goodnight to all my readers, and all the writers out there. We need each other.

Sincerely, Brenda. xoxoxoxo
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Published on June 20, 2020 00:09
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