A quarter to 12 noon today, I received a text: "Sis, are you busy? Can we have an impromptu date in Kino?"

It was from a former junior from my boarding school days. I didn't know him back then; as usual I blamed anti-social behavior on the academic over-ambition. Somehow we met later as fellow writers and have kept in touch since, most probably due to our similar background: engineering students turned (we hope) literary writers.
Anyway, I said yes. We met in Kino, bought some books (this is why I love-hate meeting up friends in book stores) then sat down for lunch. I asked him about work (well, he was in KLCC before lunch hours) and he told me that he just quit his engineering job and will start as a book editor in an independent publishing house soon.
I was shell-shocked.
"Come on," I said to him, "it hasn't even been a year since you practice engineering! Trust me, if you give it time, you'll get attached to it and would be reluctant to leave it."
"Well, I don't want to get attached to engineering. I have never wanted to be an engineer in the first place. I was ready to be in the art stream when I was 16 -"
"Then boarding school happened?" I interjected.
He nodded.
"I still think you should give engineering a try. It's fun, it helps with the writing." (Me being a typical know-it-all big sister)
He shrugged and I decided not to push it.
I would not say that I understand, because I do not, really. I am not in his shoes; according to him, his workload was too much to handle. Besides, he had no time to write any more. I did tease him, "make sure you write when you're an editor and not just spending time reading other people's writings!"
But I did recall when I started as an engineer almost two and a half years ago; I wanted to give up engineering as soon as I could as well. I hated everything; the job, the workplace, the office politics, the having-to-get-up-at-six-in-the-morning, etc. But as I grow technically and professionally (tougher) in my career, I discovered and still am discovering things that might not be possible if I were to leave my current field.

It might not help with the writings per se; but it does help me grow as a human being in my quest for the Higher Truth. [image error]
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