Forbidden Love- Shadow Flight’s Taviano and Nicoletta


She was too young when Taviano saved her from her uncles. Taviano and Stefano brought her back to Chicago and found her a home. They knew immediately Nicoletta was a Shadow Rider. Taviano knew immediately that she belonged to him, but he would have to wait for her.


Sometimes a love is forbidden because of circumstance, like Romeo and Juliet. Sometimes it has to do with culture or religion, ethnicity, or class. There are times a love or relationship is forbidden because of family objections or timing. In Shadow Flight , for Taviano and Nicoletta, it had to more to do with suspending the possibility of a relationship because Nicoletta had been traumatized and she was too young. But, there was always a chemistry between them. One that evolved as Nicoletta got older and more mature.


Once Nicoletta began to mature the issue became whether or not she was ready for a mature relationship. Her trauma made Taviano, and the Ferraro family, very careful with her. Even though Taviano knew not to press the issue of a relationship, Nicoletta wanted him, and she became more and more difficult to resist. Then, a small indiscretion ruined everything.

It's fun to write a fated love story against the backdrop of not knowing if it is the right time. To find a way to cross the line from forbidden to an explosive love affair when there were so many obstacles.


I always knew I wanted these characters to be together. I also knew it couldn’t be easy. And there would need to be a catalyst to throwing them together.

So, with the backdrop of danger and difficult positions, I threw them into a situation, shook it up with some adventure and family, and watched it all unfold. I really can’t wait for people to read this book. They are an amazing couple in so many ways.


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message 1: by Eliana (new)

Eliana Martin I remember her!! Stéfano was the one sent to save her, Taviano went with him. I felt horrible for her.💔 I'm so happy we get to see her HEA.

message 2: by Sher (new)

Sher Looking forward to Taviano and Nicoletta's story. I've been rereading the previous books. To me it's like replaying a favorite movie. Can't wait to see the adventures.

message 3: by Cameryne (new)

Cameryne Kayne When Christine read the excerpt for Shadow flight.. I was like, I need that book in my life! I'll be ordering it today!

message 4: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Loved Taviano & Nicoletta's Book. I sure hope there are more books to this fabulous series!

message 5: by April (new)

April Mcmillan Taviano and Nicoletta have it all despite all they have experienced that has shaped who they are...beautiful way to see strength and love and support entwine...5 stars for SHADOW FLIGHT..A MUST READ!!

message 6: by Karen (new)

Karen Bailey When are we getting Emme’s story? Can’t wait

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