There are many kinds of good news an author can receive: good reviews, positive reader comments, new contracts, new translation agreements, award news, and so forth. But on Friday, I heard two of the best lines an author can hear.

News the first. We've had to go back to press on the new book. That is, the print version of The Daemon Prism has outsold expectations in the first two weeks.

News the second. We're taking Transformation back to press. Copies should be available by the end of the month.

This is a tough publishing environment. No one can really predict the impact of electronic publishing on a new release. The percentage of a new release bought in electronic form is increasing dramatically with every year that goes by. I'll bet thousands of readers are sporting new Kindles or Nooks since the holidays. Yes, authors get paid - in my case fairly equally - for both print and electronic books. But I still hold that new readers are more likely to find my books by running across them in bookstores. Either the cover art or the back cover blurb might attract them, or they will recall mention of my work by reviewers or my wonderful readers on Facebook or book blogs or at parties or writers events. It is always nice to exceed expectations.

As for backlist... Many of you notices that my very first published book Transformation has been pretty scarce for most of the last year. It is awful when the last two books in a series are available and the first one is not. Certainly an author's nightmare! But warehousing books is a huge expense for publishers and everyone is waiting to see if e-books really do replace the mass market paperback, especially for older works. Evidently my publisher has decided that the demand for Transformation is such that they can't wait and see any more. Hooray for that! Transformation holds a special place in my list. It's where many of my readers started out on a journey that's taken us all to some deeper and darker places.

So anyway, thanks to all of you out there for encouraging my publisher to this point of view! Now back to work on something new.

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Published on January 16, 2012 07:35 • 346 views
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message 1: by Deborah (new)

Deborah Lightfoot Congratulations, Carol! Going back to press on two books -- exciting news indeed.

You mentioned, "I still hold that new readers are more likely to find my books by running across them in bookstores." I'm having the exact opposite experience. My e-books are finding an audience far more quickly than my print books.

I do believe that e-publishing will completely replace print publishing for mass market paperbacks and most genre fiction. As you say, warehousing books is a major expense. It increasingly makes sense to do away with the physical book and just let it live electronically.

I was an "early adopter," buying my 1st edition NOOK the moment it went on sale. And I still love it. I find reading e-books is simply easier than reading hard copies.

Again, congrats on your good news!

All best -- Deborah (who's been a fan since the Corpus Christi World Fantasy Con)

message 2: by Carol (new)

Carol Berg Thanks, Deborah. Wow CC World Fantasy - that was a LONG time ago! Transformation had just been out a couple of months back then. Thanks for sticking with me.

I know lots of people who love their ereaders. And there are some great advantages. E-books are an increasing part of my own sales - but not the majority as yet. As for my own reading, I have an e-reader, but I also have a large stack of unread books I want to get through before diving in. Certainly obtaining books I've heard about or know I want to read is super simple, but I still find browsing for "something new" - books and authors I've never heard of - very clunky. I'd much rather browse the real things to get a feel for the work. But that's me. We'll see!

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