Very soon now, and quite possibly on November 3, my book Bogus Science: Some People Really Believe These Things is to be launched in the US with a fanfare of trumpets and an online blurb that bears little or no resemblance to the actual contents. (It's one of those cases where the blurbist worked from a long out-of-date proposal, and no one bothered to actually check with the editor or myself.)

Whatever, although structurally quite a lot different, it's a companion vol to my books Corrupted Science and Discarded Science. Subjects include such delights as flat earthism, geocentrism, hollow earthism, psychic physics, pyramidology, perpetual motion, cryptozoology . . . A feast of delights, in other words.

My kindly publisher has said I may offer GoodReads members a FREEEEEEE PDF of the penultimate proof of the book, complete with pix but with the (very) occasional ballsup in situ, so long as they tell me they'll do their best to write a blog/GoodReads review of the book -- you don't have to promise, because I know that can be a millstone, but I'd be grateful if, having got your copy, you thought about maybe one day someday ya know . . .

If you want to take advantage of this OFFER OF THE CENTURY, please contact me via GoodReads's service with your e-address (or, of course, direct if you know my own e-address), and I'll send you the PDF pronto. Well, pronto-ish. You know how these things go . . .
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Published on October 12, 2009 21:22 • 219 views • Tags: bogus, science

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