Book Review: Superman: The Golden Age Dailies-1942-1944

Superman: The Golden Age Dailies-1942-1944 Superman: The Golden Age Dailies-1942-1944 by Jerry Siegel

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Superman Daily comic strips from 1942-44. We get the classic story of how Clark Kent ended up not being drafted because of messing up the vision test with his X-Ray vision, and a few episodes with Superman fighting various spies and saboteurs. We also get the most unfortunate Superman stories in which the story defends the practice of Japanese Internment and uses a story with very stereotypical Japanese villains. Still, even there, they acknowledge that most Japanese citizens are loyal and good Americans. However, its still not a great moment.

The book begins to resemble post-War Superman stories towards the end of the book as wee meet a lying little girl named Susie, Mr. Mxyztplk appears for the first time in the strip, and Jimmy Olsen is kidnapped taken to a country where he's a double for a king.

Overall, these are good strips with pretty solid art. Be aware that its an artifact of its time, but even with that, there's some good art and fun stories to read.

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Published on March 10, 2020 22:50 Tags: golden-age, superman
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