Book Review: Spider-man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga, Book 2

Spider-Man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga, Book 2 Spider-Man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga, Book 2 by Cary Burkett

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The first Alien Costume saga book, this doesn't tell an all-engrossing tale of the alien costume. At the end of the first volume, the costume was contained by Reed Richards and imprisoned in the Baxter building, although the first few issues of this book (including an annual) appear to have happened before that event.

What you do get here is a lot of good 1980s stuff. You get an Annual of Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-man that delves into Aunt May's past and reveals she went around with a gangster before she married Uncle Ben. Then there's an Amazing Spider-man Annual with the wedding of J Jonah Jameson provided the Scorpion doesn't mess things up. Then there's Spider-man and a round robin group of team-uppers battling the Black Abbott in a few issues of Marvel Team-Up. That book comes to an end with a double length team up with Spidey and the X-men battling the Juggernaut. On top of that, you have the re-emergence of Hobgoblin and you also have the relationship between Spidey and Black Cat playing out as she learns the price of her deal with the Kingpin. Then we have Web of Spider-man #1 and the return of the alien costume.

There are some lesser issues in here, but overall this book is really fun to read. More than a specific storyline, this book captures how Spider-man in three different books was firing on all cylinders and producing iconic and legendary comic stories.

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Published on March 09, 2020 13:34 Tags: 1980s, alien-costume, spider-man
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